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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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How every body coping

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Is anybody else on here feeling like there no end to it I live by myself and have become very tearful I been told got to self isolation none of my friends have asked how I doing I feeling lonely and forgotten about one day runs in other trying to stay positive but it’s hard

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Hi May38,

I'm so sorry you are feeling so forgotten. It's extra hard going through this on your own, and maybe this community can help you a bit. The more you post on here, the more friends you'll make, so please come back often and join in.

It is so hard to find out that the people you think of as friends don't appear to care, but sometimes they are dealing with troubles of their own and struggling too. I'd say be bold and phone them. They might be feeling the same as you. So be the one to break the ice.

You can't feel positive all of the time. Sometimes it's downright therapy to have a cry or go off to bed early because you can't be bothered. But don't make it you r habit. Keep trying to stay in contact with other people. Remember that one day this will be over. Absolutely nothing lasts for ever. We are isolating because it's the safe thing to do and it will help hasten the end of this pandemic. Turn negative thoughts into positive ones if you can. Take care and come back and talk to us again! 😊🙏

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Thanks i will come on here more does feel welcoming on here

Hi there May38

I'm so sorry you are feeling like this and totally understand as these are very difficult and challenging times.

I'm so sorry that none of your friends has phoned you, have you phoned any of them to talk to them and let you know how you are feeling? I personally think this would be a good idea as it will give you the opportunity to let them know how you are feeling. They may be thinking that you are coping really well so are leaving you alone.

My daughter has 2 children and her hubby is working as he's a key worker and she has struggled on a number of occasions as she has a daughter that has JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) and is on medication that suppresses her immune system so my daughter has had to keep her in most of the time. My daughter has been out with her girls a few times in a local residential garden but only when it's much quieter. I talk to my daughter every day to see how she's coping, just a voice can make you feel so much better.

Also, you can write on here as we are here to support each other.

Stay safe and keep well.


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Yes I have rang them they just come up with excuses some of them think I am lucky not to be working I don’t see it like that but going to some of them again later on in week

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I'm sorry they've been giving you excuses, maybe they are genuine. When you ring again say exactly how you feel, they may listen and want to keep in cotact to check on you.

We are always here on HU and are a good listening ear.

Take care and stay safe.

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O dear, don’t be ☹️ sad. Put your happy face on and talk to me if you like.

When you focus on the good, things do get better.

One small positive thought 💭 in the morning can change your whole day.... yeh.

Find things to keep you inspired at home. THINK 🤔, must be loads of things you can do, that you will enjoy 😊. Freedom to try anything out, go for it, surprise yourself.

Confidence, Focused, Unstoppable.

No more tears 😭 today, just 🤣😊😘💕.

Chrissie 👌x

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Thank you I going to try and stay positive I know I not the only one in Situation I be finding it struggling because I had to jobs 2 jobs now having non and job I had for 24 years is making me redundant next month 😞but I will get there

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I'm sorry to hear that's happened to you.

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👌💕🥳well done x

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Thanks Jerry I am glad I found this site you not completely a lone

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Your loneliness and isolation is something I totally identify with

I have no one in the U.K. and my elderly Mother lives overseas

It is very hard but this site will offer you kindness and friendship

It hard living by yourself

Take courage day by day

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May38 in reply to Roukaya

Thank you there are lovely kind words here

On the whole I am doing OK and doing my very best given the circumstances and I also have had a few episodes where I have felt fed up as well over things like fighting for things like food and medication and also over having liberties taken away without warning.

Sorry to hear you’re feeling down, it must be so hard living on your own with no support, I have my OH but still get down days, when I do I try to think of all the people in hospital / care homes and the wonderful staff who are looking after them and sometimes even living there to stop bringing infection into the homes And think how lucky I am, I do try and keep busy , pottering in the garden and doing all the jobs that we normally haven’t got time to do, if you have a job outside the home try and think of this As a holiday, it’s getting in the right frame of mind.

as said you will find plenty of help and support on here, remember you are not alone we are all in the same boat, here for each other, look forward to see you posting more 😃👍

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Thank you I just rang doctors to see if he can give me any thing to help with my anxiety which can be bad at night

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Think its always the evening. When our minds switch off. And we try to relax in the dark is when our Anxiety is the worst. I have suffered with this too. Just tell yourself you will get through this. Like you did last night. And like every night. Occupy your mind with facebook or music you like on f.b or various formats. Hope this helps. Brian

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Hello May38. I am so sorry you feel forgotten and alone. Perhaps your friends have children to look after. And find it hard to find time to keep in contact. Always a friendly group on here to chat too. I think we are all getting a bit tired of being penned in all the time now. Take care . Brian

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