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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Happy Wednesday Wellbeing!

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Hello and happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week!! How is everyone's week going so far?

One thing that has kept my spirits up during self-isolation is maintaining a sense of community, both online and off. Impromptu video chats with friends and family, supporting local businesses, and interacting in this community are all acts that have kept me positive.

Share what you've been doing to focus on and prioritize your wellbeing and mental health!

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Hi Calvin,

I’m pretty much doing the same as you, video chats with my family, painting, cooking and watching some TV. My drawers and wardrobes have had a spring clean and I’m getting into baking again.

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Well done on the spring cleaning!

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Hi CalvinHU,

I have been doing some Spring cleaning of certain rooms of my house, reading, video chat with friends and family, doing postings on the groups for HU and trying to keep up with my email’s inbox.😀👍

All these replies are reminding me I'm out of excuses for procrastinating on my own spring cleaning! Very proactive of you!

Thank you for saying that. I did also take an online class for my job this week.

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Hi, Calvin, I've been spring cleaning here and there. Posting and chatting on HU. Walking the dogs. Trying meditation for beginners. Keeping updated with family. Trying a few new things and generally keeping focused and busy. xx

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CalvinHU in reply to bobbybobb

Excellent idea to do some meditation! I've been meaning to try out some of the new modules on Headspace. How has it been for you?

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to CalvinHU

I have to say, I am enjoying it. I am looking at different types of meditation also because there are so many. When I find the one I prefer, I will study that line of meditation further. xx

Hi CalvinHU,

Happy Wednesday to you too. 😊 How are you ?

Yes, my week is going pretty well, thanks for asking. Your post sounds rather positive which is lovely.

I really like this community here and am amazed at the artwork and crafting that people share. The daily quotes and puzzles are a great contribution as are pictures of beloved pets.

I’ve meditated for years and would like to think I’m mindful. Plus, every day is movie day - big film fan.

All the best.

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Agreed! People are so talented! So glad you're enjoying the community. Would love to hear some movie discussion, I've been tackling some movies/shows during this as well.

Have you seen the “Doctor Sleep “ movie based on the Stephen King book? I read the book, but I didn’t have a chance to see the movie, yet.

Nice to hear back from you. I’m pretty old school so have a DVD collection (with some director’s cuts).

Today, I’ll be watching Donnie Darko, again - it took me about 4 watches to understand it. 😂

I’ve recently watched Gladiator (again -it’s 1 of my top 10), Assassins Creed (meh) and Arctic.

Arctic made me realise: -

I’m fine with locked down, I’d like to think I’d be reasonably okay with being stuck on a desert island (Castaway) and maybe even wrongly imprisoned (Papillion and Shawshank) with no bullies - may I hasten to add. But being freezing cold, with ice and snow, no way.

I can say all this from the comfort of my sofa though. 😊

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CalvinHU in reply to Narwhal10

Great films to put things in perspective

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Narwhal10 in reply to CalvinHU

😉 Also worked in some of the least developing countries.

‘When does the bus come ?’ ‘Today’ 😂

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

Hi CalvinHU, I've been sewing and knitting, pottering in the garden, washed most of my curtains, read half a dozen books - so far!

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CalvinHU in reply to Ghounds

That all sounds lovely!

What I have been doing this week is keeping on with my daily lunchtime walks which are something to look forward to to break the day up, doing courses on future learn which I am enjoying some far, doing job hunting and showing willing rather than stopping altogether, watching films and reading books and asking myself so I need a supermarket trip or can I make do for now and for now yes I can make do with what's in the cupboards so no need for a supermarket for now.

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The lunchtime walks are so crucial!

Working from home does keep me busy and less stir crazy. I've always been a homebody, so I don't mind it. I just have to keep my depression and anxiety under control.

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CalvinHU in reply to AnxiousA

Smart to prioritize your mental health!

Hi CalvinHU,

Wishing you a happy Wednesday too. I'm late arriving at your post, as I took some time out today to do some much needed chores and to cook and bake, both of which are definitely a part of my daily therapy. I do also think it's really important to keep in as close contact as possible with family and friends, by any means possible. I'm really lucky that I have an endless capacity for pottering about and I do find that for me it's best not to watch too much news about COVID19, and not to question when we may be released from our lockdown. i do best when I just start the slate again every morning and get through one day at a time!

Thanks for your post, and take care!

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