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Please remove me from this site!

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To whom it may concern. I am a Primary Peritoneal cancer patient and have been a member of Health Unlocked Ovacome site for five years . It has been my lifeline but now it has been swallowed up by this Wellbeing website which I did not ask to join. I'm sure it's very helpful for many people but it just stresses me to find over fifty emails in my email box every morning and not one from Ovacare. Please administrator listen to my plea ! !

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Just go to the tick where you are joined and just say remove from the group

As above reply ,there is a shortcut on this post, the box at top of page with a tick ,click that and that let's you leave (beside the box that says write )

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Unfortunately that box is missing for those of us on iPhones.

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Irish molly may not have an iPhone, if so then you go to community then the same box should be there ,if that's missing it must be an iPhone issuie or healthunlocked issiue and you would need to report it

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I merely raised the issue in case like me that is all she operates on.

Perhaps they can tell you how to switch off the email notifications on your account? I'll go have a look and see if I can figure that out for you...

Yep found it! If you click on your little round picture top right, choose Settings, you can untick a squillion notifications.

Hi Molly, I see you've had lots of replies to your plea, explaining how to unsubscribe. I hope you've been able to find out how to do it, but if you are having difficulty please get back to one of the Moderators or Ambassadors of the group to help you further. Best wishes.

i went to home page and when it said leave post it says it will clean out earthing -will that also clean out unlocked - i have been on here since 2010 i think it was And i am NOT rel good with comp's so i don't want to make a big mitake -it would be easier and safer for me to have them at unlocked take it off so i don't make a major mistake - how do i get to them and request they do it just to help me ??

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Hi if your on other sites as well it will just be for the site that you leave ,i just tryed it left this site then came back on to see

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