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Tulips to cheer you up

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These tulips are on full show in my garden.

Whatever is happening in the world, nature and her beauty is always present

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Beautiful colours

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lovely. xx

What a lovely colour. Thank you for sharing.

What an intense colour. They are truly beautiful. What joys a garden brings! 🌺

Yes lovely, I love tulips grew up in Lincolnshire and we would go to see the tulip fields in New Holland. I love Mother Nature, I say "She is the most powerful woman I know", and so she goes on, like now I am enjoying spring my favorite time of year, I love the new green and all the plants that are budding out. I am enjoying watching the seeds I planted she is pushing them up. The tulips I had died, so I need to get some more bulbs, but I have glads coming up now.....When humans wipe themselves of the world, Mother Nature will reclaim it, of that I have no doubt!!! Thank you, stay safe and well, with love n hugs....Sprinkle 1....

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