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Another power walk today and through the woods I went

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I had a lovely walk this morning and met some lovely people along the way, it's lovely to chat even if you are quite a way from each other as without the traffic you can hear what each other is saying.

I did a small amount of jogging as well today but it was mainly power walking. The bluebells are now starting to come out in the woods and I can't wait until they are in full bloom as the woods will be a carpet of colour.

The weather is stunning here today, like a Summer's day.

Here is the link to more photos in the Health Walk forum:

Stay safe and well all.

Alicia :)

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CalvinHU profile image

Such beautiful walking views! Even the sheep seem to be enjoying the sunlight.

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Thank you Calvin and it's a glorious day. Yes I think the sheep were more than happy. :)

bobbybobb profile image

Beautiful, it's a glorious day today. xx

in reply to bobbybobb

Thank you bobbybobb , it really is a beautiful day today xx

Leeleepuss profile image

Wow, so beautiful. Soul food 😊

in reply to Leeleepuss

Thank you and it certainly is :)

Thank you Jerry, it was lovely and quiet. Most people here seem to be listening and keeping away and only out when they're allowed.😊

Idyllic Alicia, lucky you! And I so enjoyed your pics! 🌺🌸

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Aww thank you, it was a lovely walk. I'm going to cycle tomorrow 🚴‍♀️

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Thankyou for the lovely pictures of the countryside, I can't leave the house as got my letter telling me to stay put for 3mths. Not been out since 20th March except short trip Thursday to GP for blood test.

Keep posting your walks and I'll enjoy a virtual walk with you . Satay safe xx

in reply to Pulfs

I'm so sorry you can't leave the house but fully understand. I'm so glad the pics are helping.

Stay safe and well. xx

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Pulfs in reply to


Thank you and keep the pics coming xx

in reply to Pulfs

I certainly will.

Stay safe x

new-baby profile image

Very good photos. You live in an area of great beauty. This time of year is lovely for walking - near us is a bluebell wood and the lovely blue-mauve of the flowers is breathtaking. Tonight I and hubby went for a stroll across our local Park, the first proper walk since the self isolation began. Some familiar friends and neighbours in the high street - was very nice to see them as I usually go out at least once a day but haven't been out for weeks now!

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Thank you.

Yes I also have woods right by me and the bluebells are just peeking through, it'll be a carpet of them by next week.

How lovely to go for a walk and see the people from your area.🤗

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