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Try New Food Thursday - Toad in the hole

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Hello all,

I hope you are able to enjoy this Thursday as much as possible and hopefully have some homebound activities planned for the long weekend.

This week was another comfort food week for me and I have to say my husband did a great job in making some of his favourites. The best one he cooked this week was a classic Toad in the Hole, which when I moved to the UK 8 years ago I had never heard of! He uses his own recipe, but it is similar to, we just added some peas and sweet potato for a portion of veg. We were also able to use the extra batter to make some crepes for dessert!

What has everyone else been cooking or baking this week? I will try to do some Easter bakes at the weekend, but would love some ideas :)

Hope everyone has a great day!

15 Replies
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couscous is my favourite! that looks amazing :)

We got our delivery yesterday, so we will like you be having sausages tonight, Venison Sausage Caseroll , they are leaner than pork and beef, although smaller so they are good to prevent getting fat.


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I love venison! That sounds like a great meal, enjoy!

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Jerry, as always, your cooking/bakes are fantastic! Thank you for the great ideas and have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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I normally eat out all the time, but I've actually been cooking everyday since corona. This week I made Korean potato salad with apples and carrots. I haven't made that in ages. It's basically, potato, eggs, onions, carrots, apples, and mayo. So simple and refreshing.

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SadieHU in reply to LadyZen

Hi LadyZen, that recipe sounds amazing, I've never had that before! It's great that you are cooking every day.. I also love to go out to eat, but have found cooking to be a great distraction when I'm feeling down!

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Hi,I bet you’re, saving loads of money too by not eating out so often😃

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I'm not sure yet. I'll know this month, because last couple of weeks I had to load up on ingredients. Truthfully, I didn't mind paying a little extra to eat out. I work full time and I'm a single mom, so it gave me breathing room during the week. Now I'm like that Tom Cruise movie, the Edge of Tomorrow. I work, cook, clean, sleep, and repeat.

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Looks good! Made a dinette cake yesterday with chocolate frosting. It’s an old Betty Crocker recipe that makes my a small 8x8 inch cake that’s really good. It’s a one bowl recipe you can find online. Probably have to convert to metric though!

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That sounds yummy! I still use cups, inches, etc and most of my go to recipes are from the US so always need to convert F to C, and use grams! It's a pain but I will get there eventually. I'll definitely look for the recipe, thanks for sharing :)

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That looks lovely, you know I’m in my 70’s and I’ve never ever made toad in the hole 😳

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That looks very nice, it has made me hungry! 😀

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I like that with veggie sausage, it's very nice comfort food. xx

Oooh, that's the very essence of comfort food. It looks (and I'm sure tasted) absolutely delicious! I smiled when you said you hadn't heard of it until you came to UK. On first hearing, it doesn't really sound like a meal that anyone would enjoy!

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Mushy peas! I am not really sure why they are called mushy cause they don’t seem that way to me.

At the moment my wife is cooking a chicken, cut in half, spread out in a cast iron pan with another on top!? I’ll find out about it later.

Baked corned beef for tomorrow (as soon as I figure out how to do it) with a home corned brisket.

Practicing sourdough baguettes.

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