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Covid19 letter

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Hi I received a message yesterday from U.K.-GOV saying because of my condition I am at high risk of serious illness if I get the COVID 19.. I am to remain at home for 12 weeks (is that from now or 3 weeks ago)? The another message today to say I mustn’t go outside my property (does that include my garden)? But I can open a window.

I have PMF and take Ruxilitinib.

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10 Replies
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The 12 weeks starts from when you receive the letter. You can go out in the garden, otherwise I think you could go insane. I also have the letter and this subject has been discussed a lot amongst the group of people with the same condition as myself. Good luck and hope all is well with you 🌼

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Skye333 in reply to CarpeDiem11

Eew! Another 12 weeks. I do have a garden so I’m lucky I can stay away from people but I’m missing the hugs with my family. It’s a good job I get on with my husband 😏

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CarpeDiem11 in reply to Skye333

Haha! Can you imagine though if you didn't. Yes, for me the garden is a godsend. No exercising or walking outdoors is what I miss, but at least we have lovely weather. If this had started when it was windy and raining, I think we would be definitely feeling like " should we sing in the rain!" just to get outside.

All the very best😊

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If you have a garden you’re allowed to go there . There’s been contradictory information . When I got the text a few weeks ago it says only open a window, then got a letter saying I could go in the garden as long as wasn’t near anyone . We all need fresh air especially with this lovely weather . Good luck with it all 😊

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Hello there Skye333. It’s really saying that you should stay in and explaining that you are at more risk of being severely affected by the virus than healthy people should you catch it. Yes, no outside exercise or shopping. If you have a garden you are most blessed. I live in a flat on my own and am in the shielding group like yourself. There isn’t a government curfew yet so no one is forbidding you but you should know the danger, having been put on the Extremely Vulnerable list. Have you since phoned the number given on the letter to register for help with food from the government yet? If you don’t wish to abide by the advice given in this letter by staying indoors then you really must call that number and let them know you don’t need food delivered. We are so fortunate to have received that letter, there are thousands of people have not received one yet and really need help. Please do what it says and stay indoors. If you need help with food, try to find a volunteer in your area and also register by calling the number given in the letter. It’s a very difficult situation for all of us who are stuck indoors but you must use your common sense and weigh it all up. The UK government have been more lenient than other countries but getting a letter like that sent to us shows there really is a very serious virus going around and no sign of a cure for the foreseeable future. 12 weeks is also their guideline for now. It could be shorter or longer, depending on when we hit the peak. Take good care.

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Skye333 in reply to stillmovin

I haven’t received the letter yet so I will heed your advice when it comes. We have managed to get a couple of supermarket deliveries so have been lucky with that. Thank you and you take care.

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I too got that yesterday I took the precaution 4 weeks tomorrow self isolation no contact with family distant gloves etc! I am post cancer stage 4 no stomach part eosopaghus thankfully 13 years just! I live with low immune system knew this would wipe me out. Buggered if I am going to loose to this my fight cancer. Take it the next 3 months we are getting good advice! You can go out in the garden open the windows hard! Don't forget selfish, don't care people spreading it! Wish you well keep positive!! xxx

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Skye333 in reply to cherrybailey

Hi Cherrybailey, wow you have been through the mill and now this. Your positive attitude is amazing. I will take the next 3 months with good grace. I need a plan to occupy myself on good days and just take the bad days on the chin. Starting today.

I wish you well and keep safe x

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cherrybailey in reply to Skye333

Good luck! You sound like you have embraced it nothing we can do accept keep safe, positive good plan in action, the bad days not alone!! Look forward to when this bad time over get back to normal!! I do have good family support my grandson on face time hug the phone to me! One of my grand daughters her homework at home write about a hero you know ask questions chose me my cancer journey. Melt me!! I am feeling lucky worried for everyone else how much more worse bad effecting them list too long!! Tell my sister a manager on duty Tesco take a broom having to tell people keep their distant! Keep safe x

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It’s sounds like you have a good family network going on. Bless your granddaughter for thinking of you on your cancer journey , you must be so proud of her. Your sister is on front-line work at Tesco as is my niece whom I tell regularly to keep safe but all she says is “are you ok for food , can I get you anything”. Bless them all , you certainly learn who cares when it comes to a situation like this. God love them. Stay safe x

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