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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Are You Enjoying a Slower Pace of Life Now?

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Are you enjoying a slower pace of life now? being at home a lot (or all of the time) - maybe getting into a new hobby or getting back to an old one? How has your lifestyle changed for you? Is it good bad or both?

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I find I'm going crazy on the cleaning, then there's the gardening not forgetting the crocheting, just finished my daughter's jumper,. Life is just one mad whirl,. And tomorrow ii must remember to stand outside and applaud the bin men. What a crazy weird life lol

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wiserlady in reply to starveycat

We dont applaud ours lol.

I found it strange, not bad just different, at the start trying to slow down the pace of my daily life but also enjoying my time at home with my family and reconnecting with people through now creative means :) I am getting back into my hobbies now that I just simply didn’t have the time for although I really enjoyed. But I also have a great sadness of how many lives have been destroyed by this thing and watching my parents adapting. It’s definitely life changing.

I m not finding it too different to be honest lol but I’m enjoying the quieter roads for walking and being able to hear the birds. I think it’s a great time for reflection and thinking about what part of your old life you would like back and which bits you would rather leave behind. I have done some baking and also read a couple of books which I would have done anyway but I am finding it harder to concentrate on things but will probably find that easier as time goes on. I have got zoom now so have connected with my family. We had a family coffee morning last week and “zoomed”my partners family in Australia which was good. We are having a house party via zoom on Friday which my sister is organising 🥳🥳

How are you managing?

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We have zoom as well and find its very good!

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That's good. At least it does help make you feel like you've seen your family doesnt it.🙂

ah yes we now have zoom too and have done same thing. Our family live a long way away and were getting bored with being locked in so we started to do that regularly, I see it as one of the good things that has come out of all of this bad stuff

Had never heard of zoom, but we have zoomed with family a few times now.

Hi wiserlady, Good question!

I'm actually a lot busier. Normally my family are busy getting on with their own lives but now I find they are calling frequently, firstly to see if I'm OK and then for support and advice. It's lovely to feel wanted. 😄

Then of course I spend quite a bit of time on HealthUnlocked, plus my husband still has to work, and also do all of the shopping, so I'm trying to support him in as many ways as I can.

I find the disinfection routine I have to do because he's still resident takes quite a bit of time too. I haven't had time to do any of my hobbies, other than a bit of reading, and I do have a great book on the go at the moment.

But if that sounds in any way sounds negative, it's not. I'm very resilient and determined to get through. There's no other option, so I just try to live hour by hour and day by day without wondering what the future will bring.

How are you coping? Have you had to make big changes?

Very best wishes 🌸

Hi there. Hope you are well and feeling positive and coping today. For me its not been a huge change. I work from home, in my office, but it has become a lot busier with a lot more clients. Presumably because so many people are stuck at home with a lot of time to think, so more time to realise they want to do something different and more time to fill up.

Its been a huge change for my partner. When we heard about all of this we realised how serious it was. At first he was going to go to work each day like before. He is self employed so gets no money otherwise. He first thought that if he only meets a few people each day its safe. I didnt agree. You could just meet that one wrong person. And the more people you meet the more chance there is of it. So it was agreed that we would both live here together in my house with neither of us going out and shopping delivered. I am on the vulnerable person list because of asthma/copd. So I now see him more but he is sensible enough to keep busy, probably because we are both self employed and know time is money, he is doing up this house and doing the garden and planting vegetable seeds.Today I received a "vulnerable person" food package - 2 toilet rolls and a few items - would be hard for one person to manage on that for a week though, which is what the leaflet says it should do. Now it is so sunny and getting warmer I will be fine being busy with work and then sitting in the garden, thats a normal day for me. How are things with you?

Hey. Its exciting launching a new business isnt it. And it can be very expensive. You need to get it right so that you dont put in a lot of time and money for nothing. May I ask what sort of business it is and how you are going about it? I own various businesses and have done for many years.

Same here. But we did used to go out for meals and theatre and shopping and of course we dont do any of that now. How are you today>?

Sorry to hear that. Ive read that fibro is caused by the gut flora not being balanced and if you get that right it goes, same with bad memory, confusion, depression, hay fever and much else.

wiserlady hi nice to meet you. it is two fold. good to try to get things done that I put off and trying to learn new things too. on the other hand, it is hard to be told that you are now limited on certain store items and limited on social activities. so many people have a need to be around others … that it is just how they were created. so naturally, it is difficult to adjust. but anything is possible with Jesus. So I just take one moment at a time, one day at time and try my best. hope you are doing ok and have all that you need too. blessings.

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Yes. We are now skyping / zooming? with family regularly so that we are socialising and less isolated, but doing so in safety. I really do understand people who know how deadly this virus is yet still arrange to visit or have visits from family and/ or friends - it is as though they have a death wish.

No that makes no sense to me. Ive researched IBS a lot and spoken to a lot of people with it. If you get your gut flora right by eating the right foods and the right biotics it goes away. that controls depression, fibro, memory and much more. 70% of your immune system is in your stomach.

I read that we don’t have to be productive during the lockdown. Makes things go easier.

Yes, i enjoy slowing the pace. Why zip around? What’s the point in that?

Previously the kids would be at school from 8 - 7. That explains why I'm sitting in the garden typing this!! But seriously, I quite like the new pace of life and thank the lord we've only had mild coronavirus symptoms like exhaustion, but no temperature, sore throat etc. The sun is out and all seems fine here in north west five.

I see. So you list your experience and qualifications in a website - thats great as you can get more clients if its online instead of local, the snag is that a proper website that someone will take seriously is expensive and you need to get it right. I knew of a guy of 94 who learnt how to use a computer just so he could order shopping.

No I know a Chinese herbal doctor who has successfully treated it quite a few times. Its gone and does not come back becaue she resets the person and their blockages.

I cant say i have a slower pace of life now for i seem to be busier than ever,but for sure its different.x

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