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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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A quotation for Sunday 5th April 2020

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Good morning everyone,

I hope that most of us are able to start Sunday positively and maybe the glorious sunshine will help with that.

I'm feeling quite a lot of negativity at the moment: not my own but towards that seeming myriad of people who are continuing to flout distancing and isolation rules and are congregating everywhere as they please.

Whilst they were all doing that, I was engaged in a long conversation with my granddaughter who was having a serious wobble at home, alone in her bedroom and wondering how she was going to get through her day. It took some time to cheer her up. It's something that all our community members are experiencing. But like my granddaughter, they are just getting on with it for our greater good and the opportunity to survive this crisis unscathed.

I can't say it's a topic I've ever had to find a quotation for. Either you are accustomed to obeying any necessary serious rules, and for minor infringements there's no need for much inspirational quotation.

So I had to hunt a little for something suitable.

Amazingly, (to me), there was an even distribution between those which urged people to follow rules, and those that suggested flouting them! A real education for me!

Anyway, eventually I came up with something that seems to fit the bill.

"It is a great delusion in those whose understanding has been darkened by self-love, to think that there is any obedience in the subject, who tries to draw the superior to what he wishes. - Saint Ignatius - (1491-1556).

It seems that, long term, little changes!

I hope you all enjoy your day, doing whatever keeps you safe and happy.

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We all get times don't we no matter what the circumstances when we feel fed up with life!

I have had times I have felt like that as well and find its a case of sitting down and asking what is it that upsets you and why.

Yes I saw a few people here in cardiff yesterday sat in the park on benches when I was out for my daily walk and felt annoyed as well!

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Very meaningful and I hope people are not tempted to go out today, there will be many days of good weather to come. 👍👍

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I will just be out for my usual daily walk and then straight home when I have finished!

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Yes me also. 😀😀

Thanks for posting this. Good old St Ignatius ! He has so many words of wisdom for us.

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Staying in is a small price to pay to help the NHS and ourselves in the long run. It won’t be forever and hopefully afterwards people will respect each other and the world more.

This site shines a light with all its positivity and personally I love being a member 🙂🙃🙂

There will always be those who take no responsibility for the greater good, sadly. It makes me feel frustrated. Naturally I’m biased being a nurse and having seen first hand the reality of what we are all facing, I want everyone to just stop and think of how their actions have the potential to affect others. But I guess some people don’t really think, unless it affects them personally but I live in hope.

I love your daily quotes, thank you 😊

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Well done on finding a very apt quote, that wasn't easy.

Yes the flouting of the rules has annoyed me greatly as they are selfish and making it worse for everything else.

I really hope your granddaughter found some comfort after talking to you. It's hard being a parent and grandparent as you worry about them, it's natural.

Sending you some comforting thoughts your way.


Bless you crazyfitness, for your good wishes for my family. Latest reports are that my daughter is much the same, so we hope this will remain a mild case of coronavirus, and my granddaughter is feeling better after (legally) walking around on her outside job today. But it wasn't my day! After that my sister contacted me to say she was having trouble getting groceries, online or offline. It's an ongoing trial for lots of people.

Well, helping where I can, and you're so right that it all adds up to a lot of worry! But one thing and one day at a time. The important bit is being there, if not in person, then in thoughts. Take care. I know you've had a busy day, so hope you enjoy your evening. Best wishes. 🙏

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