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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Self Isolation for those who live alone

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I hope you are all safe and well

As explained I am on my own and my anxiety and fear is brought on by the escalation of the virus

As my elderly Mother lives alone overseas I become worried about her

I do ring her everyday to see how she is

I realise that we are all trying to cope but there are days I do find it difficult to cope

Some of us have better mental health than others

10 Replies
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It’s really tough to be alone, and then to have to worry about the virus 🦠, just makes it feel like, well, like one has such a big burden every day! It would help if things were better around us. Now that people are isolating themselves, because of the virus, it makes it even harder for those who live alone, and need support! Coping is difficult, for sure. I’m glad you can ring your Mother every day! Try to find a hobby, good book to read, or, perhaps, listen to music that you may like. I watch funny comedy shows, like “ I love Lucy “, “The Three Stooges” etc. to get my mind off the negativity of isolation, and the threat of the 🦠 virus! Having a friend, to call, who is compassionate and supportive, and understanding, would be most helpful, also! Blogging others in this forum, is also helpful, of course! Wishing you the very best! Take care!

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Roukaya in reply to ddmagee1

Dear ddmagee1

I thank you for being kind enough to reply

I hope you are safe and well

I am quite an anxious person and this global virus has just increased my anxiety

Also my income has come to a temporary close until the housing market picks up

I should study, do my prayers and try not to dwell on my fears

Kind Regards

Stay Safe

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ddmagee1 in reply to Roukaya

I sure hope you will get a return of income, soon! That, in itself, is a big worry! The government is stating they will help us, some! It would help if it was straight away, and we could count on a bit of money, wouldn’t it? Latest I heard, the virus will be around, and we’ll have to stay a bit isolated, through June. That seems a long time away! If only the 🦠 virus, was not so contagious, but it is spreading, around the world, like wildfire! Good to hear from you! Take care!

Hi again Roukaya,

I do hope you are managing your anxiety OK today. It's a challenging time and I know from your updates that you are trying really hard to cope with a difficult situation. Keep on doing what you are doing; that's to say, stay in close touch with this community. And of course to keep in close telephone contact with your mum. There's nothing quite like mum to help in times of trouble. And nothing like a loving son or daughter, in return.

If you are having a good day, and managing to stay cheerful and busy, that's great. If not, then rest assured we are thinking of you and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for you. I know you are a person of faith, so do learn on it. Faith can be a great consolation and companion.

Take care and stay well.

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Roukaya in reply to

Dear Callendersgal

I hope you are keeping well

Thank you for your kind and sensitive reply

If anything I have learnt is the ability to cope within the limitations imposed

I quoted the three characters namely Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi as iconic role models

Given their self sacrifice and self belief and confidence, I will try in my own little way to cope

I am self isolating for the duration of a month, as I simply do not wish to risk infection as it is so highly contagious.

As it is a prelude to Ramadhan, I can apply and learn more of the Islamic Faith, prepare for the resit in Wills and Probate and speak to my Mother as well as to those on this site.

Thank you

Stay Safe

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focused1Reading Rabbits

I think your Mum will benefit too from those daily calls as it reassures both of you that you are both OK . Try and have a short walk too as this really helps . Does your church have a support group? You may find as you are open and very honest to admit your worry that others will warm to someone who may them feel they are not alone with worry as a lot of people tend not to open up fearing upset or judgement but it is common especially with loved ones living abroad and you on your own . Could you suggest even group prayer or starting a Whats App group ? Have you neighbours you could shop for or they for you . I have felt so much more positive actually getting a few groceries for people I have only nodded and smiled at in the past .

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Thank you for your reply

I would like to explain I am a muslim by faith and the local mosque is closed and I expect the local Church is also closed

I thank you for your suggestions, but given the stricter enforced Lock Downs in Mauritius, India and Dubai I am very reluctant to even go out for a short walk as I have a great fear of the contagious nature of the virus

I have decided to Stay In for four weeks in order to wait for the peak to flatten

The only way this horrible virus will go is if we adhere to social isolation as this virus feeds on humans

Thank you for your kind reply

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NorthumbriaHealth in reply to Roukaya

Hi I do feel for you it can be really difficult.

My Mum is in her 80s and has dementia, she is in a care home and I normally visit her regularly, I cannot visit at the moment because I am in the shielding programme and Mum's care home are not accepting visitors due to the virus. Her dementia is too advanced for her to be able to use a phone.

The mosque is closed but do you have contact with other sisters there? Texting and phone calls can help. And you will know that you are all praying together at the same time. I am in a meditation group and we can't go there, but we co-ordinate to all meditate together at the same time.

Also it can help to try to identify what triggers your anxiety. I find watching the news or reading the news too much will trigger it.

I relax by doing housework, reading books and doing colouring books. Anything that takes my mind off the current situation.

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Happy Easter Roukaya 🙏 for you stay safe

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Hi how are you doing? Self isolation is not just for those who live alone, many who are a couple or family have done it too, in some ways it is easier for them in other ways worse.

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