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Are People Being Sensible?

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Yesterday someone I know said he is glad that we are still allowed to go out, so he will go out for a nice long walk every day for exercise! He has an exercise bike, a gym and a garden he can use where it is safe! And the only reason the government have not yet - note yet - stopped us from going out is because they know many would ignore it and they dont have enough police/army to stop them - and it can cause mass panic - I think that will change and they will insist nobody goes out - but first they have to make sure everyone can get their food when they do. Just because the government do not ban you from going out does not mean it's sensible. Six months from now who will still be alive? It is more likely to be the people who locked themselves away and never had a visitor and never went out.

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UK needs to impletment the massive fines we have here and we have to have an *Attestation de Deplacement Derogatoire* freshly signed and dated each time we go out and a box to tick that reason, there are only 5

1) to go to work if you are classed as indispensable i.e nurses, hospital staff, doctors, supermarket staff, there is a government list of approved shops that are allowed open.

2) to buy necessary food only

3) health reason, ie to go to hospital.

4) to see to your elderly infirm family

5) brief outing within 100 metres of your home to get some air( as long as there is no one else about), and to let your pet relieve itself.

No other reasons are considered.

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To me that is not cautious enough. Better to exercise in garden or house/apartment/flat/bungalow than go out. Better to phone friend than visit them etc.

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This was talking about blocks of flats, they haven't the luxury of a garden

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Here the very elderly tend to stay in their own homes, they need family to get shopping and sometimes do the washing etc. One of my neighbours is 86, luckily fairly spry but there are things she can't do after a nasty fall last year so her daughter come over once a week, lady stays in her bedroom if daughter comes to the house, poor old soul is terrified

of catching the virus. Much more unlikely out here in the sticks.

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Can understand that old lady - here a lot of old people stay in their homes too usually. It may be more unlikely but when there is a risk and its posible to avoid it I DONT take it.

Just been looking exactly what BJ said yesterday regarding exercise and going out

One form or exercise a day such as a run , walk or cycle

this should be done on your own or only with people who live with you.

Am surprised to see a post about helping people local to you when the whole point of self isolation is to avoid people and stay in for fear of catching a deadly virus.

I also saw a minister declare that you could go shopping ONCE a day !!!!!!!!!

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Ridiculous. Once a week is enough if you use sense and plan. Each time you go you take another risk. And how would they know whether you just went once or twice that day?

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MidoriVisually impaired in reply to wiserlady

Not necessarily. If one doesn't have access to a car and walk with a Rollator, you can't take a trolley around the Supermarket, so you can only use a basket. Without a car, that's all you can really manage. I used to shop online, but it's almost impossible to get slots now, so I have to go out every other day.

Cheers, Midori

I go out running and as long as I do this on my own and stay away 2 meters from anyone I pass this is still allowed.

It's to do with being sensible😊

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wiserlady in reply to Buddy34

yes its to with being sensible and thinking for yourself, just because its legal does notmean its wise.

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I'm doing the shopping for my household as my husband has to stay in and I'm doing the shopping for my mum as she is also staying at home. I would say its safer for me to go running than it is to go to the shops.

I've tried for online food deliveries but there are none

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wiserlady in reply to Buddy34

agree its safer to go running than shopping - being near less people - but wont do either. we are both staying in - we either make do with a small garden or whatever rather than going out when not needed. we couldnt get deliveries either so have to go to click and collect to get our shopping in a few weeks but will wear gloves and be very cautious.

Wise words spoken and so very true.


I think it depends where you are, I'm sure if I lived in central London I'd never set foot over my doorstep, but I live in Cambridge, there are lots of very open spaces, people are being sensible and keeping apart. I feel safe enough. I haven't run for a few days, I'm saving my daily trip outside to walk with my husband.

We often went to cambridge before this Curly. To the theatre. Where we live is more open than there. But we are still being cautious and not going out at all. My chap has given up his business/work to make sure he doesnt have to go out and mix with people and take risks.

The theatres are in the centre of town, that might be a bit risky but on the commons?With no one in sight? I think it's ok...

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