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Happy Mothers Day to all Mums ๐ŸŒบ

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Good morning everyone,

I feel that we should all pay special gratitude to mums today as without our mums we would not be here.

Children have an innocence that is commendable and should remind us of what a magical place planet earth is and we should treat all mums with the respect they deserve for this gift of life.

I was a single working dad so know the pleasure and pain of parenthood and yesterday after all the stark announcements on the news the night before I woke with a feeling of trepidation as I moved here from the city so felt isolated from friends and family who were only a quick blast down the motorway.

Then I spoke to my neighbour who is a mum with 3 children and we spoke of worrying times ahead and she said if you want anything from the shops please just ask. I came in feeling uplifted and my son messaged me saying give me access to your pc and I'll sort it out for you, he is a software engineer like our friends at HU HQ it was amazing watching the cursor clicking tabs opening files and then he phoned me and said all done dad and I felt uplifted by the benevolence of others around me.

Happy Mothers Day to all our mums this is a slate trough that I gave to a friend of mine last year in November for her birthday and now look at it full of life and joy...

And thank you for the gift of life. ๐Ÿ™

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Thank you for all those kind words you have written. I'm sure all the other Mums will love what you've written too. Take care and stay safe

Thank you Jerry ,I needed cheering up in the absence of my lovely three girls,thank goodness for iPads...Best Wishes.๐Ÿ˜„


Thanks Jerry, what a lovely thoughtful post. I'm sure you've uplifted all mums today.

Thank you for your post, I was going to say something similar and you have put it perfectly.

So I add my own wishes, Happy Mothers Day feel proud of yourself that you gave life.

If you are spending the day without visitors look on the bright side, no washing up to do when they leave lol.


Thank you so much Jerry. Stay safe xxxx


What beautiful heartfelt words Jerry. We are just about to Skype our daughter, son in law and grandchildren.

Thank you for sharing๐Ÿ™

Lovely words Jerry.

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