Here to help :)

Hi Folks, I've been working as a volunteer with people who suffer depression, anxiety, stress and bereavement. I'm here to help. I've just started to go freelance but will people be willing to pay for help? Don't worry to those on here, I'm a free resource to help you. If you need it just ask. Take care everyone and yes I have suffered from all, that's why I trained to help others.

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  • That sounds excellent.There seem to be a lot of people who are looking for help and maybe they would be willing to pay? Do you help people to fill in forms for ESA or PIP or support them to go for the medicals? You didn't say in which of the country you live. Were you thinking of supporting people by phone, email etc or by being there with them. I guess that people would want to know that it is all above board, who you are etc.

    I belong to a Support Group and get called on to support people a lot but this is as a volunteer under the Group. It actually costs me to do this.

    All the best.