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What do you consider essential food at Christmas? Multiple choice poll πŸŽ„

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Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs for breakfast.

That's what I usually love to have too.

Small glass of champagne to accompany the roast dinner.

Miggins60 in reply to Rienij70

Like it! I’d go for a large glass before dinner though..

Bottle of red also a white wine

Hi Bob I hope you Hazel and pax are keeping well! Getting on OK here except for a couple of falls recently! I hope you have a great Christmas and stay safe all the best david

Same to you all my friend, I hope you visit nearer Christmas on these pages.Our Central Heating Boiler has past away, so tomorrow they are coming to fit a new on. Three weeks ago we had to renew our shower as well so Santa comes with a spanner and hammer early tomorrow.

Have you any plans for Christmas ? We will all need to make it special this year because of the Covid Virus. Make it something you enjoy


Sops in reply to Miggins60

I am on your wavelength, what about a gads after?

Roast potatoes - essential ☺️

asenath in reply to cog4

Definitely roasties!

katieoxo60Visually impaired in reply to cog4

most definately



borderriever in reply to Dahlia7

Ale or Beer, with a large Malt whiskey, in the evening.. Have a good selection for Christmas and New Year. Malt Whiskey Blend for visitors

Sausage rolls

Homemade Christmas pudding is at the top of my list with cream or custard. Mostly have a small roast chicken. This year it will be Guinea fowl. But sometimes it’s been a home made casserole.

Turkey, Beef, Pork and Lamb, with a ham to make soup with. For Christmas, Boxing Day. New Years Eve and New Years Day


Sausage Rolls chestnut stuffing and a trifle

Definitely ham for boxing day. My eldest is a fan of Paxo stuffing and last year I forgot to get any 🀯, won't make that mistake again!!

I do a baked ham a couple of days before Xmas. Then on Boxing day we have homemade French Onion soup, cold cuts from the ham and the Christmas day meal, and salad. No cooking, cooks day off.

Beefsteak pie, roast potatoes and roast onions

katieoxo60Visually impaired in reply to G1llHa1n

That is something similar to what they do in Scotland on new years eve (Hogmanay)

G1llHa1n in reply to katieoxo60

Exactly right. We aren't keen on turkey so we have New Year's Day lunch twice - class

katieoxo60Visually impaired in reply to G1llHa1n

I have family in Scotland & a freind used to live near me and do the scottish new years eve meal.

We are on the Scottish English Border, so New Years Day is very important especially the evening. Sometimes people wonder if New Year is more important than Christmas

In Scotland it used to be said that it depended what age you were - Christmas for the kids, New Year for the grown-ups.

Yes Christmas and Boxing Day for the KidsWhen I was fifteen I started to celebrate New Year Eve and would be allowed to have a Gin in it, more in it than Gin. We used to first foot our next doors, about ten houses. It basically ended when I was in my twenties as I had to attend other parties on the eve and through the day.

When we got our own home we started with our new next doors, not before first footing our home. I would go outside and wait to hear the tower bells. Then I would take a piece of coal the Bible and a bottle of Malt, let in and would read a chapter out of the bible and have a dram. Then I would go out the back door and do the same thing. Then have a further drink and then go around the next doors, although only a couple of houses. Next morning people would visit and have drinks.


Wot? No shortbread or black bun??

Yes shortbread, ham sandwiches and Salmon with all the associated things for New Year. The only thing we did not serve was the Turkey

Spotty-ewe in reply to G1llHa1n

We have that at New Year.

Are you Scottish or on the Scottish/English Border <

I live in Dumfries and Galloway. Interesting what you were saying about New Year. It was a holiday in Scotland long before Christmas was. I have just researched the history of a school and found from old Log Books that way back in the 1890s school was open on Christmas Day whereas the 1st and 2nd of January were holidays. Which side of the border are you?

We live on the English/Scottish Border. north of the Cheviots.We look into both Scotland and England here We shop in England and Scotland, Kelso


Sounds like a lovely area. I love Kelso - small and friendly. We are walking distance from the Solway coast so can see the Cumbrian hills on a good day and the lights of Silloth and other villages on the English side every night. Lovely area to be with wonderful walks so we are very lucky especially in these strange times.

Yes we live on the edge of the Dark Sky National Park and we can look at the stars. We were shown how to use a telescope on clear nights we are very lucky


Sounds great Bob. We are also noted for our dark skies in D&G but sadly I have no access to a telescope but do enjoy stargazing and seeing the moon in all its forms. Spotty.

Lizard28 in reply to Spotty-ewe

It’s going to be interesting seeing if people will stick to the rules at New Year, I’m a Scot and as you know it’s party time for most. We still won’t be allowed to have anyone in our house apart from if anyone is in your bubble.

Yes it will be a problem I keep asking people to come around and I need to pull back. New Year is such a draw up here. It is like Lemmings jumping of a cliff, it is going to be really quiet this time. Hopefully back to normal next year

Spotty-ewe in reply to Lizard28

We used to live in the Highlands and New Year was much more celebrated there with folk first footing and ceilidhing until 3 and 4am. But in D&G, and now we are retired, life is much quieter. We tend to get together with neighbours and friends on the 1st and 2nd for parties, but sadly it won’t be happening this year. Whether others will stick to the rules we’ll have to wait and see.

My home made sausage rolls πŸ˜‹

katieoxo60Visually impaired in reply to Yvette49

Can't beat homemade sausage rolls or mince pies

I make my pastry for mince pies with cinnamon, orange zest and orange juice. Delicious!

Try a touch of Brandy, Whiskey or Gin in them. We sometimes put Cherry Brandy in Mince Pies and Christmas Cake. We soak our Christmas pudding two months before Christmas although we do store them from the year before. Sometimes Apple or Pear Cyder are good in the first instance

Yes, done that, my Christmas cake has half a pint of whisky and drambui in it, definitely a merry christmas in our house!


Home made - yum!

Smoked salmon/scrambled egg for breakfast and home cooked ham for tea.

Hobbledehoy in reply to glo42

Yes actually, me too!

Red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, pigs in blankets, trifle

katieoxo60Visually impaired

I like all the christmas fare except parsnips unless coated in Honey and sprouts but my sister does stir fry sprouts with bacon and onions taste different.

Nuts in their shell, chestnuts, satsumas, stilton cheese and grapes

Ham, Turkey, Prime Rib



Marzipan fruits when watching TV.

Survival mode, diabetes 2 , pancreatitis and covid isolation, have made sure of that this year!🀒πŸ₯ΆπŸ₯΄πŸ˜¦

borderriever in reply to Adlon57

We both have Diabetes although Christmas and New Year are very special so we let the boat out. We had our six month tests done this time by the surgery, they sent the results to the Diabetes Nurse. Although overweight we passed the tests ok . so I feel we deserve a nice Christmas, I was seventy this year and my Wife is seven years younger so it is important we enjoy ourselves

Adlon57 in reply to borderriever

Hi borderriever, I'm a few years younger. My sister is doing the xmas feed this year, but although she lives just around the corner, I'm still adjusting to diabetes diet, having been in isolation most of this year, give it a miss this year! Latest blood test sugar count ok , but because sitting on my fat 'backside' my cholesterol is dodgy, threatened with diabetes curse 'statins'😱 other medical complications. no binge this year!πŸ™ƒ Stay safe!

Would love Turkey but I have an allergic reaction to it, I have to do with ham and watch everyone eating Turkey 😒

What about Beef and Pork ?? Lamb is good for New Year


Yes when I make a roast pork, I kid my head into thinking it’s chicken or Turkey, my hubby has already bought a Turkey crown which is in the freezer, so it’s going to be pork, Turkey and ham in the oven together lol. I must be the only person allergic to all poultry πŸ™„. Merry Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

We have different meats over the holiday period. Turkey on the day.Turkey and chips Boxing day Beef in the evening for Dinner. New Year Eve we have Pork and New years Day Lamb to celebrate a New Year.

We generally get small joints of meat because we are normally on our own. Mind my Wife now goes for a large turkey and a Gammon to freeze for later in the year. Pork Lion is nice for an evening meal.

What do you get up to for the holiday season ?


We use the gammon to make peas pudding, soup for the winter months.We use the Christmas period to stock up with the cuttings of meat joints. that we do not cook.

This year we are staying on our own, so I guess I will eating pork on Boxing Day and hubby will have more Turkey lol. New year has to be a traditional steak pie dinner as it’s what most people from Scotland have.

And the same to you Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year

Although enjoying everything, I like the trimmings best + plus good bread & butter!

Being as there is only the 2 of us. If we are at home we just have a Turkey Crown. No waste and plenty big enough for 2. For lunch and then sandwiches and dinner the next day

borderriever in reply to Bingo88

There are three of us Me, Wife and the dog. We used to get a crown although now we get a Large Turkey and butcher it into joints and freeze it for Easter etc

Brussel sprouts



Pigs in blankets


Manischewitz's Grape Concord, :| or Manischewitz's Malaga wine :| . Also peach cobbler. just not together. :)

Also:- cheese board, pate, smoked salmon, prawns, cold meats etc. πŸ˜‹


traditional in Spain. Always do fish on Christmas eve, this year its salmon & prawn fish pie.

We used to come across to Spain for Christmas, and sad to say Spanish celebrate Christmas Eve, however the Hotels would give us a Christmas Day Dinner of Fish, followed by a meat course. We used to miss Christmas at home although some years we would go to Cyprus for Christmas and New Year. In the Middle East on occasions would have Sheep Eyes.

Smoked Salmon Side ?

Trifle and sprouts but not together!


Buck’s Fizz Xmas morning.Pigs in blankets & stuffing balls πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ½

I love a healthy roast turkey dinner on Christmas Day with my family around me. Isn't that what Christmas is really about spending it with your loved ones.

Sops in reply to Lotus-Blossom

I love to do this but not able this year

Lotus-Blossom in reply to Sops

Remember though you will have many other Christmas's with your family and your loved ones so hold on to that thought. I'm just lucky because I still live with my parents.

Sops in reply to Lotus-Blossom

You are right, usually go to my daughters, 3 grandchildren,, dogs , cats .friend of theirs call round, general air of genial chaos, rather wuiet this year however.

Mixed fruit and vegetables

Stuffing and sausage meat and red cabbage with the roast, and custard with the pudding

Trifle and Christmas cake

JPMcG in reply to josca1

trifle sounds amazing. how fun to make too!

Glass of bubbly as it’s my birthday too

Home made cookies!

Roast potato

Also peaches

Chex snack mix


Prime Rib & Ham


Cheeses 😻 chestnut stuffing, brandy sauce, cream, custard, patè, prawns, bubbles

I live in the US, so we don't have Christmas pud 😞 I definitely want to try that one day!

I make either pork tenderloin or steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, roast potatoes, sautΓ©ed veggies, and I get pumpkin pie, ice cream, cake and cookies. Christmas has always been a day of eating all the food I don't normally eat, especially the sugary stuff! πŸ˜†πŸͺ🍰

Roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips. Roasted in butter and honey with black pepper.

Fruit and vegetables.


Having a special dessert which you wouldn't normally eat during the year.

Santa's cookies...... (he's getting too fat anyway.... won't fit down chimney)...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 12/08/2020 5:06 PM EST

Veggie Nut Roast

Crudites platter filled with vegetables and yummy dips; mixed nuts; sugar mints; NA sparkling apple cider

JPMcG in reply to JPMcG

Oh, and chocolate covered peanuts, hard candy, lots of citrus, usually just oranges though... and of course caramel popcorn.

Hermes123 There is wanting a nice roast dinner and another trying to coble one up, I try to remember my Mothers roast of years ago, for convenience we live off ready meals. Hermes.Happy Christmas to all.

SORRELHIPPOReading Rabbits

Real Turkish Delight and Marron Glaces, my mother's treats being passed on.

Baby oranges are a must at Christmas they remind me of finding my stocking in the middle of the night as a child and would eat them all -As it’s my birthday too I treat myself to quite a few even though I know I get excema-it’s worth it for a few days

Nuts and lots of fruit. Brandy butter and a glass of asti spumante

Baileys in a hot chocolate.

Fries and Christmas cookies