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Go away already

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I’m just ready to go back to feeling normal!! I have a precious baby who needs me and I feel like I’m just stuck!! My mind makes me think I’m going to just die some days! I just went to enjoy life with my 8 month old!!! 😭😭😭

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Welcome! Congratulations on your baby. I’m so sorry this has been a difficult experience. How long have you felt this way? How exactly have you been feeling? Are you worrying about your health? Do you feel ill ? X

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Started in September... stomach ache, sometimes weak, like I’m going to just black out or drop dead... I’m always worried about my health, but doctors say I’m fine. No I don’t feel ill

Hi have you had any tests? It’s positive Drs day you’re ok as hard as it may be to believe. Thyroid imbalances and anaemia are two things that can make you feel pretty pants. Has your dr suggested any talking therapies?

Saying that my Pni started with weird physical symptoms that didn’t make sense then I got crippling anxiety . I think the two were connected. The example you gave about the sudden weakness - I had this and it was panic attacks so maybe anxiety is the cause?

Why don’t you try doing things help you feel more relaxed. Mindfulness is great - I also found exercise helped hugely. Do you have any free time for yourself? That can go a long way in helping you feel better x

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