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Postpartum Anxiety? Fogged Head, dizzy, nervous, headaches...and more...

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I was diagnosed with Postpartum Anxiety in the first month of my daughters birth. It seemed to go away in the second month. In the 3rd month that's when all new symptoms happened. I started with the feeling of swaying like i was on a boat, occasional dizziness, fogged - heavy head, headaches - mostly everyday, feeling disconnected with others - putting on a brave face when actually feeling sad and nervous inside, i have a constant feeling that there is something terribly wrong with me, like i have a disease. I have been to my Primary Dr. who did a completed CBC blood count that check for thyroid, iron, lyme and sugar diabetes - all was normal. She sent me to the Ear Dr. to see if i had an inner ear infection that was throwing off my balance - all normal. Went to the Eye Dr. who said i had perfect vision. Tomorrow i see the neurologist and will be requesting an MRI to rule anything out. All Dr.'s keep telling me there is nothing wrong, but i do not feel like myself. Every ache and pain i get i feel like it has to be a disease. The physical symptoms i have are making the anxiety worse. I hope this helped others, i read another post on here that eased my worries a little. Peace to all of you.

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Hello and welcome

Your post is EXACTLY like mine would have been following the birth of second child.

With me my physical symptoms which no one could explain preceded the emotional ones. I too had issues with my eye sight, felt detached and foggy headed , exhausted , ached, developed headaches, felt dizzy and generally I'll. My blood tests were fine too. As Boone could tell me what was wrong my anxiety spiralled out of control .

To make things more confusing my symptoms weren't static - occasionally I wouldn't feel too bad - most of the time I felt horrendous.

I saw several eye specialists had ct scan of my sinuses - all ok. I saw a neurologist - same thing.

On reflection it was pni even though no one confirmed this. As my mental state had deteriorated I took antids and this was the turning point and I started to recover with these physical symptoms lifting slowly .

Sorry I didn't want to hijack ur thread but wanted to reassure you what ur suffering could well be PNI related . It wasn't until I found and discovered other women who had suffered similarity that I felt relieved as I thought I might have some awful illness.

You've had ur physical symptoms checked out and that's all good . Have hope - u will recover. Meds and or talking therapies and /or if poss making lifestyle changes can help hugely. For instance I found exercise cleared the fogginess especially something that got my heart rate up. Sleeping resting and eating healthily help too. Talking about how ur feeling also helps. Do u have support around you?

Check out the site - you can get lots of support therex

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HarvestMoon in reply to rocky77

Hello and Thank you,

You have not hi-jack my post at all. I am so appreciative that someone responded. It is very comforting knowing that i am not alone in suffering with these horrific symptoms. I went to the neurologist a couple of days ago and he told me that i was not showing any symptoms of MS. He had done some general tests with me...walking in a straight line, following the light with my eyes..etc..... he said all was completely normal. He told me to ease my nerves i should have a MRI. He told me to take an anti-depressant before i go to bed at night this way it will be in my system into the next day. After seeing him, and than starting taking these med's for a couple of nights...some of the symptoms have started to dissipate. I have had a couple of headaches, and the racing thoughts that i am ill are becoming less frequent. I am still feel nervous at times. The Dr. told me that having a baby just a short time ago that my hormones are all over the place.

I eat very healthy, i should definitely try get more sleep, and find the time to exercise...i know that would also help. My husband is wonderful and is a great support system for me. He believes that what ever i need to get my self better i should do, I feel so fortunate to have such a supportive husband.

Thank you again for responding, telling me your story and sending me the link for support.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Peace and Blessings to all of you.

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rocky77 in reply to HarvestMoon

So pleased ur on road to recovery . It can take several weeks for meds to kick in fully. Do expect the odd 'blip' where the old symptoms return , but that too is normal whilst recovering . Your hubby sounds so supportive which I'm sure will help hugely. Come back here or anytimex

hi!feeling the same way and it sucks big time.Sending you a big hug and hoping that we get over this.Please let me know of your progress and i'll also keep you updated.It really helps to have someone understand what you are feeling :)

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HarvestMoon in reply to jbcuison

Thank you for the big hug! Its greatly appreciated. I am going for my MRI tomorrow and am nervous as to be expected, I am not having a full blown anxiety attack over it though..which i am so happy about. My symptoms have been better than they have been...but i am still getting some of them. Some tingling in my face...feeling numbness in my nose at times. Sometimes it last only a couple of minutes ...sometimes hours. The neurologist said tingling and numbness in the face is quite normal. I also get headaches here and there and less fogged head than i had been getting. I do believe that the antidepressant is helping, I am so happy that i started taking it daily instead of as needed. Thank you again both for reaching out. It's so comforting to know that I am not alone. Please share your progress and set backs. Hope all is well with you and your families.


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Sainaa in reply to HarvestMoon

Hi there!

How r you doing these days? I’m suffering from this awful feelings too. I have been going like this for 7 months. It started 5 days later after delevered my LO. I wanna be myself again. Please say something. I have done all kinds of test too and they all came back normal.

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Genuvalle in reply to Sainaa

Hello, I’m on the same boat have you recovered? It’s driving my life crazy but I still manage to get things done

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rocky77 in reply to Genuvalle

Welcome Genuvalle!

How old is your baby? When did your symptoms start? X

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Sainaa in reply to Genuvalle

Hi there

No, I haven’t. Some good days and bad days. Better than the very first couple of months. How many postpartum are you? I’m 9 months pp.

I too have had a ctscan and found nothing :) so dont worry.I find it comforting that what Im feeling is normal.I still have the foggy head,blurred vision and headaches though but i try not to let it bother me as much.Exercise also helped.Praying for good results in your mri.

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Sainaa in reply to jbcuison

Please say something about how you feeling now? Bcz im 5 months pp and having the same symptoms. It’s scary tho.

Thank you


How did the Mri scan go? Have u had results yet? How r u in general ?x

I am going threw this same thing my son is 6 months old I have the foggy head blurry vision some days are better than others people think I'm fine because I look ok but it's hard to even get out the bed I am taking vitamins I was prescribed anti depressants but I never took them I've been feeling like this for about a month it's horrible I just want to feel relif again I feel like no one understands I'm a sahm as well I can't sleep I feel off balance I have low iron taking iron pills as well I just want it to stop

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fattia in reply to Mommy-3

hi, i'm feeling the same way as you. I'm 11 months PP still feel the same. Are you out of it now. what did you do. I'm on antidepression drug. is not helping as expected

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rocky77 in reply to fattia

Hi fattia

Welcome! So sorry you’re struggling with symptoms. Can you tell us your story - what symptoms do you have? How long ? Which antidepressants are you taking? X

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fattia in reply to rocky77

it started two week after i delivered, the worst of it all it affecting the BP, I have been placed on antidepressant (tryptizol). my baby will be one by this month. How long will this be?

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rocky77 in reply to fattia

Hi Fattia

I’m sorry you’ve been struggling for so long - I’m guessing from your post that it’s been difficult ride understandably if you’ve been feeling ill for nearly a year.

You mentioned youre taking antidepressants - how long have you been taking them. Since you felt unwell with the above mentioned symptoms have their been any changes eg periods when you’ve felt better or worse?

Antidepressants made a huge difference to my physical symptoms especially initially but they would come and go . Mentally the anxiety disappeared but was replaced by depression .

What does your dr say?

Please don’t lose hope though I know how distressing this illness can be especially when you feel there isn’t any progress being made and symptoms are so debilitating. X

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fattia in reply to rocky77

the heaviness has reduced to 80%, dizziness come and go, the brain fog and hbp is still there, really worry. how long does this stay? forever? once the brain fog start my bp will increase.

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fattia in reply to rocky77

Rocky77, have been seeing your response to many people for years in this group. are your symptom over, what did you do?

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rocky77 in reply to fattia

Antidepressants made a huge difference to me . It did take me a while to recover - prob just over two years. I’d have ups and downs with the medication. Exercise helped me hugely with the brain fog. Could you do a little? Even a daily brisk walk can help.

It’s great that some of symptoms have improved. Do you feel the antidepressants aren’t working - I think you’ve been on them about a year.

Have you spoken about how you feel to your dr?

Hi there! I'm going through exact same thing and wondering what your diagnosis was if anything and how long this lasted? I'm having nerve test done this week and possible MRI if that comes back normal.

Thanks for this post!

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Hi I'm 7-1/2 weeks post natal

I've exactly the same thing, the worst is the dizziness, I've not been out since I had baby as I feel horrendous, I've had ct MRI scans and like you all normal

Got beta blockers yesterday and the foginess is not as bad but the dizziness and nausea is worse sonits a losing battle

Not had anti D as yet though but going for vestibular rehab tomorrow as it'll balance the inner ear fluid (just incase this is causing a problem)

I just want to be me, I want to laugh again instead of feeling like a miserable old woman

How long was it before your dizziness went?? I'm so scared

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Kjd291 in reply to Hidden

Any answers? I was thinking of requestingvestibular therapy too.

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Hidden in reply to Kjd291


I'm now on eeek 12, I had vestibular rehab I can't say for sure if it helped but I do feel much better to what I did or I'm not sure if whatever I had has run its coarse

I'm on diazepam and it's taken the dizziness away so thinking I could of had bad bad anxiety issues

Nothing has been diagnosed as yet but I'm still foggy headed

I wish u luck as the whole process is awful

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Kjd291 in reply to Hidden

Thank you! Glad the dizziness for you is gone!!

I'm really hoping it's just hormones and will run its course! It's nice to know others are struggling too and I'm not just going crazy

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Drs have offered me an epidural blood patch as I had a spinal headache (leak in spinal cord) after c section

If any of u have had a c section it may be worth checking this out

It's all the symptoms as anxiety so I just don't know what to do for the best

When I go shopping it's horrendous the lights make me feel ill and my brain hurts as though it's going to come out of my head

Anyone else feel this?

Fingers crossed the patch works. Do you know when you're going to have that done? Hopefully that'll take away the symptoms - if not then maybe they are anxiety related and the next step would be targeting that. It's good that they're looking into physical causes for your symptoms . Hang on in there x

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Hidden in reply to rocky77

Hi rocky

They've booked me in for Friday

I'm pooping myself, as what if all these symptoms actually are anxiety and I'm putting myself at risk having this as there's no way to tell if I'm still leaking,

I've obviously got some symptoms still but again they're same as anxiety

I've developed a twitch in my neck and all week I've been feeling great yesterday I went for a coffee first time out since having baby and I started twitching

Then my head fog and blocked up ears started again

So I'm thinking " you're doing it all to yourself lady" and there's actually something trapped in my neck or wrong with my nerves etc

The only way I can look at it is, if I get it done it'll help my mental state knowing it's no longer leaking and it'll take that weight off

My head is truly battered


Listen the professionals wouldn't consider performing the procedure if there wasn't a pretty good chance of the leaking fluid being the cause. I think you probably need to rule that out before maybe accepting the symptoms might be anxiety related and tackling that. If it's any consolation I think you're doing the right thing.

I'm not surprised you're done in - worrying, feeling rubbish is hugely draining. Treat yourself to something nice - you deserve itx


Just read your last post Lsorsa - if any of it is PNI related symptoms will come and go and that's part of the illness (physical and emotional symptoms in my case). Try not to despair - if you feel rubbish be kind to yourself - you deserve it.

I used to yearn for my PNI free days - it's normal to look back and wish you felt that way. Life will get better - it might not be quick not easy - but you will recover x

How did the procedure go Lsorsa? How are you doing? X

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Hidden in reply to rocky77

Hi rocky I'm here at hospital now

Need all your prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Good luck good luck good luckxxxxx

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Hidden in reply to rocky77

Thanks 🙏🏻

How did it go! Hoping you're feeling okx

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Hidden in reply to rocky77

It hasn't worked 😢 I'm still fuzzy headed and dizzy

I'm at the end of my tether I really just want to be a normal mum

I think it's something to do with my nerves

As las week it left me for 3 days and then I started twitching my neck and it came back again

I just don't know what to do anymore

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Sainaa in reply to Hidden

Hi Lynsey

How r you doing these days? I’m suffering from this awful feelings too. I have been going like this for 7 months. It started 5 days later after delevered my LO. I wanna be myself again. Please say something. I have done all kinds of test too and they all came back normal.

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Hidden in reply to Sainaa

Hi there I’m better than what I was but still suffering

The brain fog is all day I feel spaced out and still dizzy

Life is crap

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Sainaa in reply to Hidden

Oh thank god at least one person still there and responding me 😀

It sucks the part of dizziness, foggy brain and lightheadness. Did you try any pill for your anxiety? Bcz I did and that made me worse. I have been trying everything so far. If you find out what’s work for you please let me know the clue. How old is your baby now? Mine is 7 months. I really wanna enjoy with my LO but this thing bothers me 😩

Recently, I’m just guessing it could be concussion so I have been visitting a bonesetter. Haven’t had any success yet.

Today, I’m happy bcz I could contact you 😀

I honestly think you've done the right thing in trying the procedure. Maybe talk to the dr about this eg how did the procedure go, was it successful, would you expect immediate results?

If it does appear this is anxiety related maybe focus on reducing that? Would you consider antidepressants?

I found exercise helped hugely- do you do any ? Maybe give this a go?

I know how much hope you placed in this and I'm sorry it didn't work. I know how hard it is struggling with these debilitating symptoms but it's not the end of the road yet, not by far. Have hope x

I have these symptoms after giving birth I just won't to know can any body help me dose it ever go I just won't to enjoy my baby and be my self agen I just won't to enjoy my life

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rocky77 in reply to Ecjmjm

Hello and welcome

I'm sorry you're struggling with horrible symptoms. It can be extremely debilitating and distressing especially if you don't know what's going on and have a baby to look after.

Can I ask when did the symptoms start? What are they? How old is your baby?


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ayoslowitz19 in reply to rocky77

HI! FINALLY a thread of MY symptoms! I am almost 9 months PP and it all started about 2 months after having my LO. I went to the doctor she said took my blood (normal) told me to get an MRI and see an eye doctor. Eye test was normal-- MRI they saw a white patch on my frontal lobe and refereed me to an Neurologist. I went to see him and he said it was my sinuses flaring up causing the white spot on my scan *i was convinced this was MS.

I got put on Topamax and another pill (my husband through it out by mistake so I do not recall the name). Here I am almost 7 months later and its all starting again. I walk out into the sunlight and my brain get all fuzzy and cloudy for a few seconds, i get startled and my brain gets all fuzzy and cloudy- the headaches are UNREAL and I am convinced their is something more there..

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rocky77 in reply to ayoslowitz19

Hi and welcome

Many women suffer from physical symptoms postpartum which unfortunately Leave Drs scratching their heads as often it's quite inexplicable. I certainly fell into that category. My symptoms appeared 4 mths post partum and I think was due to burnout and stress which created the perfect storm and pushed my body over its capabilities. I've recently read about adrenal fatigue and in my case that seems to fit the bill.

It's positive you've been seen by Drs and tested and that other causes have been ruled out . Did your symptoms go away the first time round? Can you work out what triggered them this type round.

The fuzziness or foggiheadedness was just horrible - I think with me stress factors even ones that wouldn't be felt by well people such as leaving house, would trigger this for me . Is that the case for you?

Antidepressants worked for me and most of my symptoms lifted. Exercise helped hugely get rid of the foggy headed feeling as well as making life changes - so where as once I'd push myself to do things I decided to take it easier and rest. Eating well too was positive.

There's an amazing FB group for women with physical symptoms post partum - some of potential suspected causes are epidurals , Lyme disease which seems to rest it's head following birth , vit B toxicity . I'm happy to give you address if you'd like to join .

Keep talking x

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Aly123456 in reply to rocky77

Hi could I have the FB group please?

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rocky77 in reply to Aly123456

Post partum neurological issues - support group

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rocky77 in reply to Aly123456

It’s a closed group.

Welcome to this site. Would you like to share the symptoms you’re having? X

how far with all those symptoms of pp. are you out of them all. what did you do?

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