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Anybody successfully applied for Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance


Anybody successfully applied for AA or DLA? I have just been rejected for AA, obviously didn't say the right things! Despite being blind in one eye, having GCA (maybe PMR as well), osteoarthritis (severe in shoulder, moderate in knee) and risk of osteoporosis not deemed sufficiently unable to require assistance. Thought I had prepared good case with lots of evidence. Any advice would be much appreciated. Dorset Lady.

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i am disabiity living allowance and mobilty allowance and i have GCA , but to be honest it was awarded more on the depression side rather than the physical side of things i have been awarded the lower limit for both

i hope this info heps




Hi Lynabelle,ritter here,i am going to try for AA as i am 68 and DLA does not apply for my age and I can see were you are coming from with the depression and of course the dammed steroids depress you on their own with out having GCA,I was the happiest person on the planet up to last Feb.Did the doctors help with the forms lynn,or did you have to struggle with them yourself?regard ritter.


Hi all,

I unsuccessfully applied for DLA last year, like you Dorset lady I thought I had prepared a good case with the very good help of the CAB. When it was turned down on appeal the lady who helped with the forms was as much upset as me because she thought I deserved it. But the medical examiner who came out was not interested in what I couldn't do but what I could do such as drive a manual car and go to the toilet on my own!

I am now in the process of trying again as I have now lost sight and cannot drive and as has been said above it has knocked me for six and I have become severely depressed. I still work three days with a taxi taking me to work albeit I am on sick leave at the moment.

The DLA are now writing to my doctor for a report.

The CAB are really good with the forms if you need help but they do take it out of you to fill in. But be honest and emphasise how the illness has made you feel and how it restricts you.

Hope this helps



I get low rate care DLA but it is more to do with my RA than PMR. I listed all my illnesses and sent in my repeat prescription and also my care plan from rheumy for my MTX. This was deemed enough evidence for me and I was awarded low care as I can't hold saucepans to dish up dinner or get heavy things out of the oven so I am classed as in danger. As for mobility apparently even though I walk at a very slow pace I can still walk so that was a no. I hope you are all successful. Good luck xx


Good luck ,i had allowance before i lost sight in one eye as i need help walking due to damage from stroke some years ago ,my Husband is the carer ,as i need him when out .Our Dr put forward the idea also have blue badge .The other help may come from local council ,they have help lines to ask .take care PS your local council ask for sight and hearing ours where very help full .


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