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Swollen Foot and ankle


My Mum has had a really swollen foot and ankle for about 2 weeks now, she went to her GP and he said it was nothing to do with the PMR but was an old injury, didn't offer any advice and was generally not interested. She is alot of pain and having real problems walking now. She went to see an Osteopath today and he said it was torn ligaments and that the blood in her leg wasn't circulating properly she now has strapped it up but its swelling up more, we just don't know what to do, no one seems to be able to help. Mum is on 3mg of pred now went up from 2mg from last week. Anyone else had similar problems or could offer any advice?

Many thanks


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I have that I've been told its the steroids I'm on fluid retention , it might be worth going back to docs and being. Bit firmer with them , is mum on steroids ?


Sarah, ring NHS Direct 0845 4647. You sound really upset. I have always rung them in the past when I have been worried. They have always offered good advice.



Yes she is on 3mg of pred. Going to take the strap off as its throbbing. Thanks for your replies as always.


Have bi-lateral PMR, diagnosed January 2015 although think it was brewing 2014 when I fell on concrete sustaining soft tissue damage to left side of my body.

Have noted right ankle swelling since starting low dose steroids in January, have intermittent pain when walking and could easily roll the ankle so watch my step carefully.

Aware my varicose veins in lower right leg a lot more painful and obvious deterioration within the venous system with the size and colouring of that area.

Whilst consulting my Rheum. Spec. last week he could not say for sure why I had developed swelling (oedema) but thought it likely to be from the venous system.

He touched the swelling which is firm and not pitted or dimpled to touch and when I asked what he meant by that he suggested that it is not heart or kidney related.

I asked my Neurologist this week what she thought and she gave a similar answer.

My right foot is not swollen, only ankle, so for comfort and support of the leg plus ankle at night in bed I wear support hose - this helps and I choose not to take diuretics as the hydrocortisone I am on is inclined to act as a diuretic and dries my mouth out anyway.

I am going to address my varicose vein issue next week as there certainly has been a deterioration since January 2015 - I also am starting slight swelling in left ankle so wonder if it is a steroid related issue or PMR generally.

I hope this helps in some small way.


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