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Can any one please help me understand these dexa scan readings?

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I posted earlier about my rheumatologist wanting me to go on AA. And after much soul searching and help from this forum I am not going to take it. Reasons of gastric problems and teeth not in the best of condition. If this reading is ok I’ll be even happier. Thank you.

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There should be separate t-scores for spine, femur and neck of femur - all I can see there is the overall t-score. Is there a written report too - not just numbers?

On the basis of that though your t-scores are excellent and you have the bones of a 30 year old - unless the result is skewed because you have osteoarthritis in the relevant areas as that makes bone look more dense. There has been a change in bone density over the 3 years but it still appears good.

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I don’t think I have arthritis in hips or spine to my knowledge. The report says I have osteopenia in my spine and neck of femur but they said that three years ago. My femur is 10%below young normal. I play golf three times weekly and most of my games are up hill and down dale as I live in the Lake District. I do feel tired sometimes but at 73 we all get a bit weary. I have tried hard to not let my polymyalgia and GCA overwhelm me. I am currently on 7mgs reducing by .5mgs every 4 weeks. Now I’m down to 7mgs I will be reducing every 6 weeks. Thank you once again. I’m sure I’ve made the right decision not to go on AA.

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They'd have to pay me handsomely to take AA with results like that!!! Especially now you are down to a relatively low dose ...

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maybe have a look at this -

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Thank you. Looks like I’m osteopenic. . I’ll just have to learn to walk heel toe heel toe and lift the legs of the ground. 😁

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HeronNS in reply to Reddev

Carry some weight when you walk - start with very little then increase it slowly. It doesn't matter how heavy the weight is, it's the challenge of more weight which encourages the bones to make themselves stronger. Some of us have found a weighted vest to be useful for this. Nutrition important, in that Vitamin K2 (not K1) sends calcium to the bones, which D can't do and often our modern diet is deficient in this vitamin.

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Yes - but osteopenia covers a very wide range - from a fraction under normal to a fraction under osteoporosis. -1.0 is normal, -1.1 is osteopeneic. -2.5 is osteopenia, below -2.5 is osteoporosis. If your average is -0.6 you are a very long way from osteoporosis!

With that sort of overall score I would demand an explanation from my doctor as to why I needed Alendronic Acid, apart from his usual mantra that I have been on steroids for a while.

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Reddev in reply to piglette

Thank you. I’m sure I’m making the right decision. I’m not really up on reading dexa scans but I can see that I am not really needing AA yet. And to be perfectly honest even if I was bad I’m sure I’d still make the same decision.

Oh how jealous am I.... there are some scores missing from there but you have pretty good bones by those readings. I would not be thinking about taking anything. Good diet and weight bearing exercise is all you need to maintain that. Wonderful

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