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ACTH test tomorrow


How did everyone manage the prednisone free time? What dose were you on at the time. My consult with a endocrinologist was due to low blood sugar readings. He was concerned that my adrenals would not wake up . I and my sister always tended to low blood sugars- helped with between meal snacks. Also how long was your prednisone “fast”?

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The usual instructions are to have taken no pred in the previous 24 hours - i.e. you take your morning dose before 9am the day before and hold the dose for the test day until after the test is completed. Some endocrinologists like to hold the pred for 48 hours before the test.The received wisdom is there is little point doing the synacthen test while the patient is still on more than 5mg pred. Some will do it at 5mg, others prefer to wait until 3mg for a more meaningful response.

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