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Cataract surgery


Hi to all, Wondering if anyone has had to have cataract surgery. I have RA it seems fairly managed and PMR on2 mg of Pred. On plaquenil as well. Hoping my post op course will be uneventful.

Thank you all and best wishes!

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Plenty have had it done. The proof is in the previous posts that you can see to the right. Here’s one to start

That is one procedure I welcome. It is on the cards for me after the Pandemic. Good luck. I hope everything goes really well! I have heard only good about the results.

Thank you. I appreciate the feedback.


You don't say how long you have been on pred or how much - I assume that is why you are asking? I've been on pred for nearly 11 years, about 2/3 of the time at above 10mg. No sign of cataracts I fear ;)

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Hi PMR pro.. I’ve been on prednisone two years now started at 10 mg and have taper to 2 mg can’t seem to get lower than that as I have symptoms for sure of pain . I am thankful though that I am feeling as good as I am . My cataracts have been growing for a while and now it’s time for her ophthalmologist recommendation.

I’m just hoping my postop will be uneventful like I stayed it based on prednisone and plaque when L. The doctor doesn’t seem to think it should be a problem but he did go on about glaucoma with prolonged use of plaquenil. His opinion of course thank you!

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I thought retinopathy was more common with plaquenil. Not sure about plaquenil and cataract ops but at below 5mg pred there shouldn't be a problem. Some have had it done at above 10mg.

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Yes - Was checked for retinopathy problem there. .. Except for cataracts . thank you for your reply.

I had cataract surgery on March 10 and had no problems. I was scheduled for the other eye on March 31 but was cancelled because of the pandemic. I rescheduled in July if everything is ok. I am on 6mg of prednisone per day and have had PMR since 2017.

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Wonderful and Thank you! Glad Your cataract surgery went well!

Thanks, I hope yours goes well

Hi, I had both eyes done (two weeks apart) last year. Best decision I ever made! The Rheumy said she wanted me at 15mg or below for the surgery and I was dead on 15mg at the time. *laughing*. I also had first eye done two weeks after a total knee replacement which was wild... I walked to the theatre on crutches!

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Awesome.. thank you

Hi Leilagirl.. I developed bilateral cateracts after a year or so on pred. The surgery was painless and the vision afterwards spectacular ! I’d worn glasses since age 14, but now pass the driving test standard without them. I just had to get some reading glasses... at least some good has come from the pred. Good luck.

I had cataracts done while had PMR - all ok

I had the cataracts removed from both eyes 8 or 9 years ago, a long time before I started the GCA/PMR malarkey. It was the best medical decision I have ever made. It was only afterwards that I realised how bad my sight had been.

I had one cataract done in January, after a six month wait. No problems, just annoyed that I won't be on the list for the other one until next year. My wife, who is not on pred, but is on heart meds, is looking forward to her op.

A painless operation at Ipswich Hospital and I am sure it will be at your hospital.

Thank you. I’m fortunate I guess as both eyes will be done one a week apart .

Lots but not necessarily pred induced. It’s an age thing anyway. I’ve had it done and was/is a complete success. Instantly restored sight for me - didn’t realise how bad my vision had got. They’ll look after you. It’s a thorough pre-op consultation.

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Thank you!

It's easier than getting your teeth cleaned. Virtually painless from operation through recovery. In the morning, the world was hazy with a white-ish, grey haze over everything. By 4PM, I could see like I was a kid again. And I could see the stars at night, which I had assumed were blotted out by pollution. Amazing! (I could also see every speck of dust in the house, but waited until full recovery before tackling that.)

It is, simply, the best choice I ever made.

Follow all post op instructions regarding goggles for sleeping, sunglasses when outdoors, limited bending and lifting for a few days, and post-op medications and eye drops. Don't rub your eyes. Don't go swimming for a couple of weeks. Be careful when washing your face and in the shower so you limit the amount of water that could get into your eyes.

You'll be glad you did this. The world will have color and definition again, even if you still need glasses. And, oh, the stars!

Oh how wonderful! Thank you!

I have been on pred since 2012. Had cataracts done in both eyes last year (thank goodness). Doubt that cataracts or dry eye is only down to pred, age and outdoors exposure played a large part- have poor sight anyway. Ops were easy peasy compared to dental treatment for instance! Biggest issue as as specs wearer was how/when to have prescription changed. The ops were about 4 months apart so quite a time with peculiar vision. Wouldn't hesitate to have it done - in the end, if you want sight, there will be no choice. There did not appear to be an issue with dose of pred - the eyedrops have steroids in them too. More of an issue is blood pressure.

At least our enhanced hand hygiene is very good practice!

Yes I got cataracts in my 40s - due to an underlying eye condition rather than to PMR, and had them both removed, once before I got PMR at the age of 48 and the other after getting it at 55. The first under general anaesthetic and the second by local when you're still awake which is the more common way. One tip I'd say is that any operation, even a routine and safe one like cataracts increases your stress level and you may need to increase your steroid dose for a while after to avoid flaring. Also the side effects of anaethetics can last for a few weeks so be sure to take things easy, plan ahead and get others to do things for you like go shopping.

Thank you

I had cataract surgery a few months ago without any incident, other than maybe an allergy to one of the eye drops. I've had PMR for almost 3 years ago with ups and downs. Between 5 & 6 mg right now. Good luck when you can get the surgery.

Thank you for your reply!

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