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I have a new pain in right arm/shoulder with restricted movement reaching back - it is constant (not fading during day like PMR aches and pains) and v bad in morning - is this result of PMR or something else. Diagnosed PMR Oct 18 on 40 mg pred and now on 6 - struggling to get lower

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Have you considered arthritis? Sounds classic symptoms to me - this might give more help -

It might have been building up for some time without you realising it - masked by your higher doses of Pred, now you’re within the physiological level it’s not enough to do that.

As for struggling at 6mg - why not try an extra mg or 2 for a few days and see if that helps. No great rush to lower - you’re less than 2 years into your illness - usually lasts considerably longer.

Thanks - I am reluctant to raise pred as ok with aches and pains apart from new arm problem - take a couple of paracetamol before I get up which seems to help a bit with that

Oh dear, that’s annoying. A quick question, have you been doing anything new or repetitive, even just a quick hoik of a heavy bag?

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Cant think of anything that set it off - just started out of the blue

Sounds a bit like a frozen shoulder

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Yeah I wondered - not as severe as when my husband had it - have some exercises from him and when I broke the other shoulder (10 years ago) which seem to help a bit

Take a look at Rotator Cuff, which sometimes occurs with PMR..............

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Will take a look - thanks


This is a good article about causes of shoulder pain and restricted movement

You do really need to have it examined - different treatments for different things.

don't mess with your PMR..look to see if it is something else as most above have suggested. PMR is both sides! I couldn't Possibly reach back with my arms... to for example clasp a bra .. if I ever wore one... arthritis. Very different from the PMR but the prednisone helped my arthritis and as I lowered the arthritis returned!

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