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Off piste day Monday 25th May


As its nearly bank holiday we are happy to announce another off piste day on monday for everyone. Feel free to post your photos and chat about all things not pmr and gca. Please remember to keep it polite and not to post photos of children.

Any off piste posts after monday will be deleted.

Obviously we will be watching out for people with pmr and gca queries so please dont hesitate to post any questions if you have issues. Yellowbluebell

P.s photo is grandsons puppy after destroying a toilet roll and wrapping paper Lock down was hard that day obviously.

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Doesn't look like the advert - must be poor quality loo roll ;)

in reply to PMRpro

It was pretty poor actually!! It's just stuff they use to wipe up after dog but she decided she didnt like it much!! They didnt waste it and just used if in their woodburnerx

What a brilliant picture,goes to show not every loo roll makes the grade of quality control!

in reply to Canarylady

She vigorously tested it and it failed. She also tore up her dads birthday wrapping paper apparently. Their lounge looked like a snow storm had happened judging from the photos!!

Bless her,she made me smile.

Our dog used to do some incredible things when we went out.

Whole big tin of rose s taken out from upstairs wardrobe,it had not been opened!

Taken downstairs,through the kitchen and garage into the garden,some how she managed to open the tin and then eat the lot!!

Once we were back home,Millie no where to be seen,once found very large tummy and couldn’t move!so another trip to the vets,no food for 2 days,she was very lucky to be alive.

in reply to Canarylady

Definitely! This one is called millie as well!!

It was obviously exhausting work for her!


I am terrible. Thought it was still Saturday....days and dates mean nothing! Groundhog Day ....

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