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How to sightsee In Egypt despite PMR/GCA (and lockdown)

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This is a brilliant way to spend an hour or so (there are various links to the tours from the text) and learn a bit of ancient history at the same time.

You may have to register with the online Guardian - it is free and very simple.

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Really interesting Pro, thank you.

Being in isolation has its benefits some of which will probably remain.

I read it’s a very low percentage surveyed that say they’ll revert back to ‘normal’!

I’ve been touring round pharaoh ramesses vi tomb in 3D this week - pretty cool what you can do from your chair!

We will be so cultured at the end of all this. Thanks again.

Thank you so much. I had an amazing holiday in Egypt 30 years ago - this takes me right back!

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There are some fantastic virtual tours of a big mixture of stuff from Buckingham palace to our zoos. Worth looking around. YBB

Thanks for sharing this

This is great thank you.

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