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Blood test


So angry. I took myself off to the surgery on Monday all masked and gloved up to get blood test to check my ESR/CRP to enable me to give results to rheumy on Friday morning when he rings me. I thought I may be being a bit premature asking if bloods were back today as rather soon. One was, the other has been lost, the can this happen. So now have to return again lunchtime today for a repeat of the ESR. Have to throw the mask and gloves away after one use. Hoping it's back before Friday. Result of CRP was 6, down from 22, so that's encouraging.....rant over !!

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I wonder how they get lost. My colleague, on her return from Italy, had a sore throat and had the Covid19 test. Can you believe that was lost and they wouldn’t do it again.

Shocking !!

????? 🥺

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

These things happen. At my surgery last year a whole morning batch of tests were “lost” - so everyone had to have them repeated.

Very difficult time for all at the moment - and we’re all human, and humans make mistakes.


It's frustrating when you are waiting. It's happened a couple of times with my diabetes bloods and that's during normal times. 😤😤

It's good CRP going down....but stay calm or it will be up!!! Maybe if no symptoms you can start to, cuppa and then ask opinions when you are rested. 😊

Many thanks all...Yes, we're all human and mistakes are made. I'm living proof of that after contracting bacterial negligence on both GP's and hospital parts !

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Have you had a cuppa?? Coffee that is...

Ha ha...just got back from the surgery. Hate tea so will have a nice cup of coffee with my lunch now. Hoping the result will be back for Friday. She said coming back much quicker as they're not doing so many right now...all virus related X

sounds good...take heart..CRP is more important anyway ...was for me anyway.

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