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Fast-track vaccine: Some really good news

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A potential vaccine has been created by a novel technique and is starting clinical trials. When I say fast-track, this is to this first stage, Phase 1 clinical trial The clinical trials in humans will still require a year or so but the creation of the vaccine substance has been exceptionally fast.

"It has taken just 65 days between identifying the virus’s “sequence” and starting a phase 1 trial, which according to Dr Anthony Fauci, one of the top US health officials, is a record.

There is no chance of the patients actually being infected as the potential vaccine does not contain coronavirus itself. It has been tested on animals up to this point...."

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After the article you sent to us yesterday that showed that Covid 19 is actually called SARS- COV-2 after sequencing with 85% of the bacteria being identical . Plus , them seeing 90% improvement in infected cells from trying out the original vaccine for SARS 1 on Mouse Cells I am not suprised that they may be able to get to having a working vaccine much earlier than expected.

Especially , and let's be honest , as it's affecting the US and the West, it's on our doorstep , so our Govts will be pushing to speed up the process more than we did for other outbreaks in different parts of the World.

So get the subjects together, two goes 28 days apart then a year before the next phase. So good news, in the sense we are getting to understand covid and the ilk in total, but still 12cto 18mths if I am reading it right?? I am thinking very good news but realise I am not getting vaccinated next month!

Most people do not understand the process of 'Clinical Trials'. They think it all happens quickly and it does not, it is a long involved process.

I knew nothing about them at all, until I took part in the initial stuff with Roche in the UK for TCZ.

I was astounded at the meticulous way they were conducted from start to finish and very impressed.

Their top priority, at all times, was the safety of all those involved from scientists to cleaners and especially the people who volunteered to undertake the trial.

Blearyeyed is correct, now the so-called 'big guys' are involved just watch..................but remember that many, many scientists do not respect borders and will have been 'talking' to each other since the news broke in China, their 'ears' are always open.

It has been others in power, over history, who suppress information and some scientists have paid with their lives.

Great news, thank you for that.

Heartening news, thank you.

I think there are several companies racing to the winning post at the moment. I know GSK is one.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to piglette

The German one is a few weeks behind this - but unlike the US one it is likely to be available for all! At least judging by today's press conference at the White House... Not to mention all the other existing drugs that could be repurposed - no mention that China started the work on them.

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piglette in reply to PMRpro

I heard that a German company was pretty close but had been offered a billion euro to sell to the US.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to piglette

Fake news - they were invited to a meeting in the US as the only European company but say they weren't offered anything

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piglette in reply to PMRpro

I can believe it might be as it did not make sense even though it was in the Telegraph

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clieder in reply to PMRpro

Thanks for that. Too much of that floating around these days.

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