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Cannabis oil could be banned


Food Standards Agency review warned of their potential dangers. It was on the news last night in UK. I thought people on this forum may be interested as I know quite a lot are interested in cannabis oil.

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I considered posting the bbc story yesterday. I recently decided to try it as it was on offer in h and b and had been a bit negative about it. When in Rome.... . I gagged on using it for the first time. Thought I would try again but more sustained. Three days of cbd and immediate mouthful of toothpaste led to me binning the stuff. I would rather have the real thing! I came, I saw and wished I never had.

I watched a discussion about this on BBC Breakfast yesterday.

The FSA weren't considering a blanket ban , just that they realised the sale of all sorts of cannabis oil products had exploded and they realised that these things needed to be properly standardised and regulated to protect consumers.

The interview included a Breast Cancer survivor whom had used cannabis drops to help in relaxation and pain relief during recovery . She noted that she had researched her choice vigorously and had taken into consideration all of her medications before discussing the appropriate dosage with her Specialist and Pharmacist , and recommended the everybody did the same. She said she would continue to use the product she had used before if she needed to.

The FSA are recommending that nobody takes cannabis products if they are currently on any sort of medication until they have been able to establish what the strengths are of current products and can give guidelines for standardised doses.

They are giving all producers until March 2021 to submit their products for scrutiny and approval , it is only after this period that bans may be put in place or some products may be removed from the market.

The final thought of the FSA spokesperson was that they still stand behind their warning to stop using cannabis products for oral consumption until they are regulated , but , that if consumers wish to continue using products until they are approved it is their choice and their responsibility to speak to their Doctors to make sure there is no adverse effects with their current drugs .

I think it is probably a sensible step forward considering the growth of this market and UK interest in it . As a potential consumer I would feel more confident in testing CBD products if I knew they had been checked for safety and regulated like more conventional drugs and supplements and I knew what dosage would be of most benefit for me to use. It's just a shame it's taken so long for them to wake up to it.

I completely agree - I researched and use a reputable company - their CBD oil is almost flavourless - so no gagging x

Trouble with products available in the UK without proper standardisation is that you have no real idea of how much , if any, of the cannabinoid is in the product .

Few people in Britain know which ingredients are necessary as a carrier for the CBD itself and which are unnecessary additives which may alter the effect of the oil , or your other medications.

Without the appropriate quality and strength of CBD in any product the only way many of the UK products will be working realistically is via the Placebo Effect. It can take a lot of trial , error and money to find one that works each person .

Unless the quality products are taken at an appropriate dose for the individual they certainly won't help with Pain because they won't be targeting the cannabinoid receptors in the body at a level that causes the Neuro relaxant effect that is required .The drug needs to cause a reduction in Tension and alteration of neuro messaging to initiate Nerve Pain relief.

This is why even with products in the US people often find that they can be more relaxed using CBD but don't have any reduction in Pain.

As these products are usually supplemental to our other medications rather than used as Primary Drug Therapy it can be a lot of money to spend for not very much return.

That's a bit hard to bear when you think of all the additional costs with have on essentials for Self Care with Chronic Illness already.

Glad you found something that worked for you , but unfortunately I think I will have a while to wait before I could be sure that I can use it safely with my current Neuro Meds.

I do have a spoon of hemp oil regularly which is therapeutic in other ways .

Research and regulation is needed with these products, most importantly the ensure safety. Once this is done it will add to the legitimacy of these products.

I’m always wary of any product that claims to “cure” or alleviate a long list of symptoms (like when I recently attended a stem cell consultation). I suspect there is some “good” with such products/treatments, as well as false claims and financial risk for something that may or may not work.

As someone who vapes a variety of types of cannabis, I know it has taken awhile to determine what strain helps with sleep and what strains help with mood. None really directly help with pain.

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A friends daughter has had stem cell treatment for periodontal issues. The previous 3 dentists had recommended removal of 8 teeth. She has had no extractions and her teeth are straightened and gums are fine now. BUT like you I am suspicious of any product or process that makes a list of claims with little or no evidence.

Thank you for your advise - I’ve been using CBD oil for 3 months now and it has really helped me to reduce my Prednisilone down to 3 mgs. I will have to stock up as I couldn’t get below 5mgs without CBD oil. It certainly reduced the flare symptoms I was having. 🙏

I did a lot of research into CBD and the products on the market and choose to stick with one company and use a whole plant paste rather than an oil. It did help me with side effects and I think it helped me reduce pred without flaring. I am not taking it at the moment as I am staying at 3mg until I get over forthcoming tooth extraction op.

I agree though that the real thing is better at pain relief as it contains THC. I tried one oil which had THC and it helped arthritis pain but not PMR.

I do think we need to regulate products as there's unscrupulous people making all sorts of products with ambitious claims. I do think this will happen and that research will be carried out but the wheels turn very slowly.

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And in the meantime different countries have such different legal positions that even when it might work, it can't be used.

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