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Research Project


Dear all,

HU Admin has emailed me regarding the recent research project survey request that members received and caused a bit of concern. They confirmed that the email about chronic sinus infection was sent from HealthUnlocked. They agreed that this email could look like a potential scam and have asked their internal teams to phrase the subject line differently from now on.

They gave me a list of things to check when receiving an email like this, especially if you think that it is a scam:

- All emails from HealthUnlocked come from

- The green HealthUnlocked banner will be apparent in the top left-hand corner of the email

- The hyperlink at the bottom of the email stating 'update contact preferences' will go directly to that users account settings.

Below describes why HU does research requests:

“The HealthUnlocked business model works through partnerships with patient advocacy organisations. Partnerships with registered non-profit organisations provide the validation and safety to the platform, which allows us to sustainably grow the network. Part of our mission is to put the patient at the centre of health care and, to do that, both communities and membership are free of charge. We invest in technology and our team to serve all communities and members while trying to pay for those costs via commercial partnerships that have the potential to benefit and empower members.

We welcome any members to report any emails that they believe to be a scam or spam to”

With best wishes,


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