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Missed Pred dose two days, ouch

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I accidentally missed taking my 25mg of pred for about two days (forgot to put new bottle into my to take bag) and found the second day was horrible in pain in my hips, legs, shoulders and arms. Meanwhile I had started using a TENS machine on my lower back and the pain there was helped. Which tells me TENS doesn't work for PMR, I guess. I'm the one who can't get my pred down.

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Wow! A Pharmacist will sell you an emergency dose. I guess you won’t do that again in a hurry. Most of us do forget a dose at least once. Taking a little more, but not double the next day can help eg 30 mgs.

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Always a good idea to keep a pack in your pocket or handbag, something that is always with you. And a dosette box helps. That is a lot of pred to miss and it is a good idea to get into a habit with refilling the dosette box, say once a week, and replacing it where you can't forget it.

I start to seize up about twenty hours after missing pred. I always swear I will not do it again.

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Hi Piglette

My partner forgot to take his dose of pred (11mg). He took it 15 hours late ie midnight. - his usual time is 9am. Then he took his usual dose the day after at 2pm to stagger it a bit. Then back to normal for the last two days. He's in a lot of pain right now, almost like the beginning of PMR. Should I suggest he take a couple of mg more now, or just wait it out for a week or so? He's worried about a flare.

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I may wait a day or so then consider upping the dose if things do not change.

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