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Got heartburn on 60 mg prednisone


Just started this problem really not sure what over the counter or ask md. I have heart burn not all the time just usually at night. I have tried baking soda with water but the next night comes back any suggestions? I have chewable antacids do they work!

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Sorry title meant to read 60 mg of prednisone

PMRproAmbassador in reply to susieq051

Have corrected it for you :) Though the bbq sounded preferable ...

Good morning (UK), First off, have you been offered any stomach protection meds? This is usually routine, and people are generally offered something like Omperazole (a type of proton pump inhibitor) even if a few of us don’t get on with it many do. Others prefer the older antihistamine type like Ranitidine. Many swear by taking their Pred with yoghurt and some can get away with a big breakfast. Whatever you do you must do something, but I’m not sure sodium bicarbonate is a safe option unless you know exactly the right concentration to use. If you shove in something very alkaline like that, the stomach will work overtime to restore the acid, the same goes for bought simple antacids but to a lesser extent. Antacids with an alginate like Gaviscon are a bit better at giving longer lasting protection. The meds i mentioned before work better because they stop the acid production in the first place so you’re not putting out the flames all the time.

Personally I got on with nothing and had to have enteric coated Pred with Gaviscon at night. You’ll get other options in replies but it’s finding something that works for you and which side effect list you are happy with.


Nothing to add to what Snazzy already said - she's covered everything I think.

I'm surprised you didn't get a PPI or something handed out if you are on 60mg which is a high dose. In the short term you can get ranitidne or omeprazole from the chemist but it is worth speaking to your GP.

I was given Lanzoprazole to protect my stomach at the same time I was given steroids. I have read that it doesn`t suit everyone but it has been okay for me. I think you should see your GP.

You could try these:

Acid reflux: Unwaxed lemon, one minute in microwave (gives three times

more juice), squeeze lemon, divide juice into three, take with water three

times per day.

Live yoghurt and probiotic supplements help with stomach problems,

help prevent ‘thrush’ and also help you to absorb vitamins and minerals.

Thanks I will give it a try

I get reflux and have always taken omeprazole. 10 mgs I can take but 20mgs upset the rest of the system. After a bad attack recently my daughter in law, who also suffers, pointed out that avoiding acid foods helps. This may have explained why black tea made me sick the other day! Also eat small meals and snacks in between rather than large meals and no snacks. I can't give up fruit entirely but find pears are the least acid.

susieq051 in reply to Cally55

Always watched out for acidic foods I have always had a sensitive stomach I checked with my family doctor he suggested only my pants simply because I had an allergic reaction to omeprazole I am not allowed to take this ingredient.

I know this sounds odd but I buy crystallised ginger, and when I get heartburn, chew one or two pieces, and sit for about 10 mins and it's gone, truly, it works for me.

susieq051 in reply to VAl4266

That sounds like that might work, never tried but the next time I get heartburn I think I would like to give that a try. Where can I buy? Can I purchase it in a grocery store, specialty store? Thanks!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to susieq051

In the UK you might find it in the bakery section.

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