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Limitation of shoulder and top arm muscle movement.


As you probably know from my last post I will be moving house tomorrow and I stupidly over did things. Unfortunately I have had to soldier on with the help of my grandson who has been amazing. The problem I am finding is there are certain angles I can not move my arms, lifting my arms to the steering wheel when driving, drying my hair, drinking from a cup, I am sure many of you have been there. Will this improve and what is the way forward, I increased my Prednisilone from 25mgs to 30mgs as suggested for 5days to. get me through the move and taking Paracetamol which has helped .This situation is uncomfortable though not unduly painful, I would be very grateful for any advice you could give me. Many thanks.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

More Pred temporarily and rest!


I must say I would be asking my GP for an x-ray to rule out impingement or other problems, I never found that there were any particular angles at which my shoulders got stuck, they were just generally stiff.

But I'm sorry - some things have to be prevented rather than hoping for a cure and I can't think of any way to help really.

Whippetygirl in reply to PMRpro

You may have hit the nail on the head, it could very well be stiffness as I am not getting the chance to rest them and they ache at the end if the day. No other part of my body hurts which is a godsend just a bit stiff from being on the go and literally wearing my self out to the point my brain feels muddled. Everything should be in place by Saturday and after that I am doing nothing but walk my dogs for a while and see if this settles. Many thanks.

Oxford8 in reply to Whippetygirl

Good luck in your new home! 🏠🏠🏡



It sounds very much like an impingement, I’m the Queen of Impingement, l’ve had one on each shoulder! One l had Surgery for & the Second l had a Cortisone Injection & Physio (which l modified)

Take it easy & don’t try to do the movements that hurt, sensible really, but you must see your GP for a Referral.

Take Paracetamol if it helps & Good Luck with the move! 🍀

Take Care


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When l had my 1st impingement, l couldn’t pull a door but l could push it & l couldn’t push the steering wheel when l went right on a roundabout!

Ortho Guy knew what it was straight away! 😉

Whippetygirl in reply to Hidden

How did ortho guy help you what was his advice, don’t tell anyone but I am a trained nurse which makes me feel even more stupid but I am just starting this PMR journey and without this forum I would be totally lost.

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As soon as l described what l could do & couldn’t do ie pull a door open but could push he knew what it was & it was Surgery for me, a Subacromial Decompression!

Ruadh in reply to Hidden

Had a SAD - good surgery. Also had a hemi replacement. Need a good physio for rehab.

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Oxford8 in reply to Whippetygirl

We all would Whippetygirl!

Whippetygirl in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your advice I will give myself a week of rest and then re-evaluate. I am between Doctors at the moment and hopefully this will give me the time to change over fully to my new one.

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Been there, done that, got the TShirt! We moved house & areas last June!

Good Luck tomorrow 🍀

Whippetygirl in reply to Hidden

Thank you.

Apart from seeing yr GP and getting an urgent referral to an orthopod... Use ice to treat the shoulder - a hand towel wrung out in cold water, placed in a plastic bag and then in the freezer - towel or hot water bottle treated in the same way : cold water etc etc.

Sound like to a rotator cuff tear, possibly impingement, or, both. (Been there done em all). So, cryotherapy and rest. Pointless aggravating the injury, will only end up with exacerbated problems.

As outlined by yourself, sounds like a rotator cuff tear or impingement - mebbe both !

Take care - go easy on the shoulders.


One of the best things about my car is the power steering ball. Without it I wouldn't be able to park or turn tight corners. My thumbs, arms, shoulders and neck thank me daily. I just couldn't turn the wheel without killing my thumbs.


I have had 9 ops on one shoulder which includes a total replacement and another op after that. Dont delay seeing gp as the sooner either an impingement or tear is sorted the better. It doesnt necessarily mean annoying as like mrsnails has said injections often settle the problem.

I moved just over a week ago and whilst it wasnt as organised as I would have wished we dealt with it by deliberately taking lots of coffee breaks

Good luckx

Many thanks for the advice I will certainly follow it up.

Be careful of injections in to the shoulder. They cause damage to the ligaments and tenons - one OK, more than !

Nothing more that a surgeon hates is to start the op, only to find damage to ligaments and tenons. Makes an op diff. Ligaments and tendons hold the whole shoulder together. So, be careful. That refers to cortisone. Hyaluronic acid should be OK.

Go get checked out as soon as possible. Meantime, cryotherapy and rest.

Oh dear! I wish you had more muscle at your disposal. Although, how magic to have a big strong grandson. I agree about taking a bit more Pred. Please try not to overdo it. X

My grandson has been a star only help I have had, I packed at one end and he unpacked and put away at the other. Total rest after Saturday.

Bless him. What a star.

Just a general comment really.After breakfast every single morning I sit down for around twenty minutes with a with a cup of tea and my neck swaddled with a scarf which I made partly covers my shoulders,it is filled with wheat and heated in the microwave.The commercially made wheat bags I find too small and too hard.I find it blissfully comforting and really helps with any aches and pains I have.

Hope you recover well from your move Whippetygirl.😊

Best is to rest and hope it is only muscle injury from the move. If you have access to good PT, he can sort things out for you. For example, if you relax your shoulder/arm and he does the same move for you - if it does not hurt, it is not impingement - it is only overused muscle that needs TLC ...

First day it is best to ice the area or alternate ice and heat to get the circulation going and speed up recovery.

Good luck with the move and in your new home... Make sure you rest soonest.... 💐 Lena 🌻

I am going to a corrective chiropractor for my shoulders at this Time. The prednisone did not help the sleepless nights from shoulder pain. Too early to tell yet but one shoulder does feel better and has more range of movement.

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