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Tapered down labs up


I never know where to start. So my kitty issues first.

Two days ago I took my cat who was vomiting to vet to find out she has hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. For these last two days I have been heartbroken about it. Today she seems a touch better but she has lost weight that she really couldn’t lose. She is a skeleton..and I always thought she was older than I was told. My new vet says she is a senior for sure.

Ok now for me

First I don’t have a bad hip. Yay whoopee. But my thigh bone and bone just above my ankle still hurt bad and limits my walking. My new doctor ordered another dexi-scan.

I went back to 10mgs and my sedrate and crp both elevated. Last month my sedrate was normal.

I have some shoulder soreness and mostly my left leg bone hurts even sitting at times. It is like I have two little guys with tiny jackhammers just digging away at my bone.

I got snow the day I was supposed to see dermatologist for my melanoma so he got pushed out till next month. He is three hours away over one of my mountains so won’t go with snow.

I stopped looking up melanoma issues as it had me thinking I was dying. I will wait and not panic until I actually am told. Now I am worrying about Nellie dying instead of me.

Ok so I can get pathetic once in awhile. 😜

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Oh, poor babe. I know how hard it is to see a pet suffer with Kidney disease. It must be heartbreaking for you because our pets are so important to us during our ill health. My heart goes out to you. XX

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Thanks she is truly my companion and I will be lost if I lose her.

She is truly unlike any cat or dog I have had. One of the few things I taught her was to say Hi. When friends would come over I would say just say hi. It would blow their minds when she would say Hi back. She is really doing well on her harness training. We walk outside and I laugh so hard when we step on the snow. She lasts about 20 feet then back inside. She rides in the car inside a backpack hanging on seat. N she never tries to get on my lap. She is not shy when visiting others she walked into my sisters house n look up at my sis and/ I know what she says... Nice place and looks around. My sister tried to steal her. So yeah she is everything to me.

There is never anything pathetic about you Lin-calif. I am sorry about your dear little companion and your constant grinding pain. Let’s hope Spring brings relief all round for you. Keep in touch!

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Yeah I got all excited when it stopped hurting for a few days and am relieved I don't need hip surgery. I just don't heal like I should. I fell in Nov I think it was and still have bruise n sore on inner ankle. I do not know how long kitties live with these issues but after 3 doses of her meds she is getting back to normal. She got real clingy for a few days. I knew it was not normal for her but it was cute. Thanks sweetie..

Aww so sorry to hear abotyour cat, I have always had cats and have two myself .

Hopefully your vet will of recommended treatment in the form of pills or depending on her age an op can be done.

In the UK they can have radiation treatment.The weight loss is normal with that illness. One of mine had this a few years back and he had an op. And is fine now. XxFingers crossed for you both. She sounds a strong feline 😻and so do you. Xx


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Yes I give her thyroid medicine every day. She opened her mouth the first day for her pill and now she has turned into a cat that won’t open her mouth easy what a brat.

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Sounds familiar x


So obviously Lin - you need more than 10mg!!!! ;)

Your cat sounds incredible and I hope you see some recovery with the meds. I hope too you can have peace until you get some answers and yes 10 doesn't sound like enough.

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Yep she is an unusual cat for sure. I think she must have had some really good people in her life before she got lost because she tolerates me so well. 🙀

Sorry to hear about your kitty. My son has an old rescue cat with the same problems. Its taken a few months but he is now gaining weight and his blood tests are stable. He has medication and a special high protein diet. He's about 10. Vet says he could have a normal lifespan.

So I would say to relax a bit and hopefully you will feel better too. You and your kitty have more in common now both having autoimmune conditions. Look after each other :)

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When I got Nellie I was told she was 4. The vet visit said 6. The next vet who did the teeth cleaning said 8. My newest vet whom I think is the best and like her a lot says she is at least 10. I always thought she was older as she is a very social and calm cat.

Now she is improving I am less stressed about her.

Good to hear from you again. No it doesn’t sound silly being concerned about your cat, especially when they are your special companion. Would Agree with others here that maybe you need a little more than 10mg and to check out with your doctor. Hope you both improve soon. Xx

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Well Nellie is improving so will have to work on me. 😺

I've had cats, I've had dogs and nothing helps when you lose your beloved pet. So much going on for you at the moment, must be so very stressful and sad. Huge hugs to you and with nine lives, I'm praying the cat pulls through. X


Nellie has improved on three days of meds. Now I need to get some weight on her. Thanks for your prayers.

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