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Yesterday Mark had a routine colonoscopy at the polyclinique. All was good.

During our 5 hour stay I went down to the ground floor 3 times, walking downstairs normally! Such a shock....I cannot remember how long ago it is since i was last able to do that. It's so surprising as it is almost unconscious!

I am currently making another attempt do get down to 9mg. Started one per week, gradually adding a day. First reduction was noticeable 2 days later, not for PMR just withdrawals symptoms. I think I am down to 3 x 9 and 4 x 10. almost every other day.

Have withdrawal pain (I hope) today..achey, headache. Hope it goes by tomorrow as we're heading into the city to see the lights late afternoon to make our attempt at Christmas cheer :)

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and that 2019 brings you better health.

Here is Thea, helping her mum with the 2nd class post earlier in the week.

I can't believe she's not yet two. She seems at least that old.

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Merry Christmas and good job walking so long!

Well done on so much!!!!!! Thea is a gorgeous precious sweetheart!! I adore her. So happy for you xxxxxx

She is growing up fast. Amazing about the stairs. I hope to get there one day. I hope Mark’s tests are all clear and you all have a lovely Christmas!

Thanks for your good wishes.

Mark's tests went well....no need for more for another 5 years.

I adore her too! :)

Darling little Thea. x

Well done IdasMum and good to know Mark was good. Lovely picture. Hope you all have a Happy Christmas and good health in the new year.

Good news all around for you with Mark's tests, and your ability to navigate the stairs. I too am tapering down to 9 soon, but only from 9.5 (I seem to only be able to manage a .5 drop going down from 10). Hoping your taper continues to go smooth and the withdrawal aches fade.

Thea is a beauty, and yes, looks older than her age. All the best to you and yours this Christmas.

I can't believe how big Thea looks. A girl on the move. Merry Christmas to your family!

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