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Looking on the bright side


Had to start painting in the condo this weekend. Physiotherapist said I shouldn't paint. Of course I did. How could I stand there like a dummy watching my sons do all the labour? So I was a bit of a wreck Saturday night but got up Sunday feeling like a new woman. Did a little more painting but we ran out of one of the necessary colours as well as time, so not as much. Found I can now reach all the way behind my back again which I suddenly stopped being able to do after the holiday in May, and at least touch my fingertips if not actually hook them together. I've been packing china and glasses. Shifting boxes of books around. Always careful and sometimes totally exhausted. Have tapered back to 3 from 7, so far without problems. So, yes, looking on the bright side!

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Good for you!

Sounds like a bit of therapy, don't get too carried away though!! :-) xx

Well done xx

Glad to hear your getting some range of motion back. Things sound like they are coming along. We moved and started Reno’s just as my PMR symptoms emerged and I went undiagnosed 5 months. Needless to say I couldn’t help much but did paint walls and trim, stripped walllaper, and organized. Also cooked meals for those that helped out. Like you, some nights exhausted, but helped me feel helpful which was good for the mindset.

Good luck as you continue to make your new place a home. Easy does it!

Greetings Heron :-)

I vaguely remember your Post from sometime back about the various Hassles of moving Home (legal, logistical, financial, etc. etc). At the best of times, it can be stressful - as I well-know!

But it sounds like you're happily 'IN' at the new place: and perhaps, as important, enjoying some renewed energy / excitement for being there at last - despite the exertions?

Your happy Post reminds me of something I bang-on about here occasionally, i.e. the importance of recognising the difference between 'Negative' and 'Positive' Physical and Emotional 'Stress' (Load / Demand). And.. how 'Positive' Stress (e.g. Excitement / Enjoyment / Motivation - even if demanding at the time) can be a valuable part of the therapeutic process in finding the energy to cope with our type of illness - or any other Life Changing situation for that matter.

Good Luck in your new Home - and maybe a New Chapter in your Life? ;-)

Best wishes from the UK

'Uncle' MB :-)

Thank you for your good wishes.

Nope, not in the new place. Flooring to be installed tomorrow. No bathroom, no kitchen. Plumbing issue from unit above us has to be resolved. Fixtures back ordered. Our furniture moves in next Friday (23rd) but we'll probably be camping in the old house for an indefinite period, thanks to the new owner, our younger son....

I am majorly stressed, hence the necessary increase to 7 mg a few days ago, quite a lot of pain. But that's in order now. :)

Hey, Heron, since they weren't "standing around looking" when you were in labor with them, they can manage to paint a few rooms.

If you insist on packing the boxes, OK. But for heaven's sake don't be lifting them. An injury could set you way, way back. That's what sons are for. My bet is you can adopt a whole platoon of their friends for a few days with a few pizzas and beers.

Best wishes for your project...

You be careful, don't overdo it!☺x

This is sounding good and positive. Your body approves of this move. Don’t taunt it though - PMR/ GCA I mean . It might bite you.

OMG do you mean you can reach behind back on one side reaching from top down and on the other side from bottom up and hook or even touch hands_ ? amazing!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to yogabonnie

I did Pilates to achieve that despite PMR! Was less stressful than moving house...

pS I love the Bright side!

Well done you - just keep pacing though no matter what dose you're on - little steps...... Pleased to hear from you and things are moving on with the condo but don't feel too bad if you can't do much - your boys are much fitter than you'll ever be. x

Wishing you continues good fortune in avoiding any issues. Be careful! Enjoy you freshly painted new home!

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