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Back to square 1

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After five days of upping my dose from 7mgs to 10 megs I finally called my doctor. She decided that I should go back to 15mgs and retaper down. I am NOT upset! My first guide through this journey was good with the original diagnosis and exlaining PMR to me but then rushed me thru the early tapering steps.

After a short bounce up to 20mgs (three weeks) went back to 15 for 11 days. Then down to 10! At this point, I knew very little about PMR but felt a need for a more knowledgable guide through this journey.

I have a great specialist now. I think the 15 down to 10 taper has been the reason for my lack of success in tapering and I am happy to be moving up the ladder rather than down for now. Hopefully this will do the trick!

Thanks to everyone for your support and guidance over the weekend.

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It should. I have to say that my doctor was brilliant with her initial advice re tapering. I stayed at 15 for about five weeks, including that initial test week, then tapered weekly by 1 mg. She told me to stop tapering if I felt return of symptoms, which I did at 9. Thanks to forum advice I went back to 10 for a couple or three weeks and then started the dead slow taper method, which has worked very well for me. As time has gone by I've been more "nearly stop" than "dead slow". But it works! I showed the taper method to my doctor and she approved, but I would have used it anyway.

I think you are right on all counts.

I had the same problem initially reducing in 5mg blocks, mainly because my rheumie only gave my 5mg pred tablets. He also wanted me below 10mg as quickly as possible, not caring about flares, pain etc, I suppose it was not his pain!

Are you in Alton bay New Hampshire? USA

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