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The Chronicles of Ozzy and his mum with PMR. Part 2


Hello peeps. I’m not grumpy today, just hot - again. My mum is grumpy though. She dropped a 1mg of that Pred stuff and is now regretting it, says her shoulders hurt and she aches all over. But she did do the ironing in 28 degrees so it’s her fault not mine. And she really didn’t need to step on me just cos I was under her feet, but I howled very loud to make her feel guilty, which worked because I got fed - again. Result.

I’m a tiny bit grumpy ‘cos they have taken my broad bean patch down and now I have resorted the sleeping with the sweetcorn. It’s cooler than the sofa, I had to air my bits on there to keep cool (I’m not sure where my “bits” went, I know I had them when I was a stray... perhaps they dropped off when I was asleep)

Last night was well, er, interesting. My mum got very excited as three hedgehogs came into my garden. I find them boring. Two of them were making lots of loud huffing noises and one kept chasing the other, wrecking all the plants. The little one just keep on eating, and eating. My mum has named him Hector. Like in that old Greek story. She’ll be calling the other two Paris and Helen next. IF she can find out which is which. They all look the same to me.. Mum was walking around the garden excitedly in her PJs for a very long time (it was cool out there) so she is tired today. She should know better what with this PMR and PBC and all. She took photos. If she shows me how I’ll try and post it on here but I will warn you I am much more photogenic than the hogs. 🐱 I suppose she’ll be out there again tonight too.

Oh and mum now says she is feeling a bit better ‘cos she took the extra 1.25 mg Pred and the Rheumy be damned... 😉

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Ozzy,so cute!Made my day😊

what an intelligent little cat you are. I bet your mum loves having you around. 😻

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Hi Ozzy,

Ask Mum, pray what is ironing? 😉 I’ve got a couple of things that sometimes see an iron if really necessary, but most if the time ‘naw”.

Hedgehogs are good to watch, but if you get near they get all prickly, bit like mum on Pred - so best stay clear!

Agree about the Rheumy!

Don’t worry about ‘your bits’ - just cause too much fighting and caterwauling!

Happy dreams.

I’ve taken to ironing without the ironing board. (So tiresome to get it out) and use the bed. Yesterday scorched my white bedspread/coverlet. Time for a new look anyway. Actually irons are obsolete. Those steamers are pretty handy, but I hate to buy one just for one jacket.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to ConventCassie

So agree about the ironing board! Actually I never used to mind ironing that much, but now it’s too much faff! I usually put a thick towel on the kitchen table to do things that really need it.

Was going to say my mother would be horrified, but actually she wouldn’t, she didn’t like ironing either!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to DorsetLady

My ironing board stays up - it is only put away if there are visitors. Has all sorts of uses ...

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to PMRpro

I have a semi permanent visitor for a while - taken over the spare bedroom - which had become an office, dining room, sewing room et al! So good excuse to be idle for a couple of months!

I’m not sure what ironing is but it makes a lot of steam and mum gets hot and there is this large scary thing that makes a noise when she puts it up (sometimes she swears if her shoulders are sore). Then she asks if my dad will do it..

The hedgehogs ignore me. I sit in the grass and watch them and chase moths instead. They are very rude, it is my garden.

Hirwaen in reply to peace_lover

Just love it!! Do you you think you could be friends with me, my name is Daisy and my mum behaves just like yours, that big thing she gets out for ironing scares me too!!!!! Perhaps I should mention I am a little 🐕.

peace_lover in reply to Hirwaen

Hmm, as long as it’s only a virtual friend, ‘cos I dont normally like other cats. They come in my garden, damned cheek I say. My mum used to have a border collie/springer spaniel crossbreed called Daisy. Fortunately it was before my time as she was a bit mad.

With virtual love, Ozzy. X

:) :) :)

You're all mad!!!

It's glorious

peace_lover in reply to borednow

My mum says blame it on the Pred! Love Ozzy. X

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to peace_lover

What’s my excuse then...been off it for nearly2 years!

Oh, I forgot, always been barmy...........🧐

I’m far too polite a cat to say. Love Ozzy x

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to peace_lover

Purr...fect answer!

Oh Ozzie you can come and sit in my garden any day. You look beautiful and you are so intelligent. Your mum must love you very much and I'm sure you bring her lots of pleasure.

Just one thing though, can you please bring the hedgehogs with you. These are one of my favourite animals but I don't seem to get any coming into my garden. I used to have them in my previous garden, but I moved house 18 months ago and haven't seen any. If that's not possible can you please get your mum to leave them a little note.

I'm going crazy 😜 - I blame the Pred. 😱

Don’t by silly Footfairy-1,hedgehogs can’t read. If you make an audio tape of snuffling noises I could get my mum to play it to them (I’m very up with the latest IT, unlike her). You’d have to know hedgehog snuffle, of course. 😉

Yes I am very beautiful and intelligent (my mum calls it bossy) I call it getting my own way.

Mum makes sure there are holes in fences and under gates where the hogs can get into the garden. It’s quite funny seeing them squeeze through tight spaces. I tried but I am too fat.... I love my grub 🥟

Love Ozzy x

I love Ozzy! Everybody is crazy, that is what keeps us a little sane. ❤

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