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A bit of a pity party


Sorry for the downbeat “vibe” of this post-?perhaps the result of an unexpected hospital stay for a week. I was discharged yesterday with s NEW issue to keep track of— a heart arrhythmia thing. That all fits nicely with the PMR and spinal problem.

I begin to despair: Two years ago I was a teacher in an independent American school, earning over £45,000 a year. Then, I was made redundant, and since then have been living on savings, then forced to go into my pension pot, which was too small, and started too late by my employer to ever provide a lasting annuity anyway.

Two years later, and I am still unemployed, reaching the end of my savings, and in great danger of falling through the cracks of any benefits or welfare system

I’ve just come out of a surprise stay at the hospital, where I was kept for a week while they investigated newly discovered heart problems, and now must take anticoagulants, and Digoxen.

As I come to the end of my money, I fear applying for benefits, even though I don’t know what else to do: I can barely walk, and so do not cut a very convincing figure for job interviews, even though there are jobs available. In the past two years I have gone through several job interviews, though none with success. I simply feel like I am hitting a brick wall and do not know what will happen to me when my money runs out.

.., OK. Rant of helplessness over; I will now revert to positive motivation and uplifting thoughts

🤷🏻‍♂️ 😋

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Hi Bill,

Please talk to your GP initially about your situation regarding work, he may consider you are not fit, and therefore set things in motion for disability benefits. Then also speak to local Citizens Advice Bureau for more info.

Good luck.

I am sorry that you have a newly diagnosed heart problem to contend with and had that worrying stay in hospital. It is a sobering thought that one minute you can be in a successful career, and in the next wondering how you will manage for the next few months. I think you need to investigate the benefit system and see whether it is feasible for you to claim some form of incapacity benefit whilst you are patently unfit for work. Better the devil you know perhaps. Did they link your heart condition to PMR at all, or is it just an unhappy coincidence? I wish you well. I can easily imagine how this could happen to any one of us. I hope your benefit advisor is wise and compassionate. Many moons ago I did that job, I certainly would have tried not to add to your suffering.

I always notice your posts, my father in law was Bill and lived in Surbiton.

I can't offer any practical help I'm afraid but I was a teacher and it's not a job you can half do, once you're in front of a class it's all or nothing. The children soon know when when you're not up to par and take advantage. and it seems to me you need to be signed off sick.

Good luck.

with you all the way, I understand having just had a pacemaker fitted and being 82. I wish you well ,take care, John


I can't help over the financial problems and worries I'm afraid - but I can assure you that ALL the best people have both PMR AND an arrythmia! Mine (atrial fibrillation) was ajudged to have been caused by the autoimmune part of PMR.

What did you teach?


Hey, everyone's entitled to throw a Pity Party every once in a while! It sounds like this one was a long time coming and VERY well deserved! Have faith the Universe has something planned for you... I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and will things to turn out well!

Hi Bill

My first post to you disappeared so hope this doesn’t appear twice.....

I’m sorry to hear about your recent heart diagnosis. I too have atrial fibrillation as well as PMR. Fortunately the AF is controlled with medication and lifestyle adjustments.

In the 90s I trained as an advisor for the Citizens Advice Bureau. I’m retired now and know that the CAB service has been consolidated in many locations. When I worked there we were able to do a free confidential benefits check for clients using computer software to calculate entitlement. We would also signpost clients to other sources of financial help such as charities and benevolent funds who may be able to help. Eg charities supporting a local community where you live or national charities connected with a profession such as teaching eg NUT benevolent fund. It might be worth you contacting them to make an appointment to see what help is currently available.

Best wishes to you.


Constance13 in reply to linda49

I was a CAB advisor too. (Oundle at first then Swindon). Really loved the job. Stopped in 2005. Quite a few were closing down at the time when really more ought to have been opening. I miss the work.


So sorry to hear of this additional problem. Do check your nutritional status. I've recently learned that corticosteroids can cause imbalances in our electrolytes, and these in turn can affect the cardio-vascular system.


I can identify with you, to some extent. GCA attacked me 12 years ago, whilst working as a live-in carer. I was unable to work. The following year AF, and then a downward spiral of health probs. The UK is not my birth country, and I also wondered how to manage, financially. Private savings ran out, ineligible for a pension...didn't work long enough. Today, I am in sheltered accommodation, get pension credit and enormously helped through the NHS.Had to make big changes, but I manage. You will too.

All the best.x

Wow, so good to hear NHS is looking after you so well. Many others are not so lucky. It depends which county you live in whether they are willing/able to look after people as they should/ want to.

Hi Bill

What a misery. I am so sorry you are experiencing this. I don't know what I would do If I had to go out and work. I just wouldn't be able to hold down a job. I will pray for you and your condition.

Take Care


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