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Sweat Head is Around the Corner!

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I am going to be reducing from 7 mg to 6 mg of Prednisone tomorrow and am excited to get down a bit more! As the weather here at home gets a bit warmer from time to time I remember how much I sweat and how uncomfortable I am with this stupid disease. I would really like to know if it's the PMR or the Prednisone that causes the overheating and sweat head side effects. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it! Summer is around the corner and that means I will be glued to my air conditioned bedroom.

15 Replies
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Good luck i am trying to go from 10 to 9.5 using dead slow method today ,one drop is too much for me

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took me a while to realise I could click on "related posts" (top right hand side of screen) for relevant info to keep me going till the wise ones reply. My next telcon is on Monday with doctor when we decide if I am to taper. I wish you well.

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Oh my gosh, Pongo, that’s the first time I’ve noticed that! Thank you for pointing that out!

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WOW! Cool. I never noticed that either!!!!!

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I often wonder what others get on their pc or iPad doodah. On the smartphone it is a list at the bottom of every message page. It has proved very useful.

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I feel the same Amber. I started on 15 mg pred just this week on 6.5 mg. . I still get the sweats and hot flashes. Even in the swimming pool 😕. I'm off to Spain in May so cotton clothes and carry a fan for me. Only thing I would say is I at one point got really bad and it turned out to be a UTI.

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Coming out of the left field with this question, are you past the menopause?

I did post this question last night, but ................................

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Amber1414 in reply to jinasc

Yes, more than 10 years ago. This sweating is so much worse than any that I went through with menopause. At least those were flashes that left me periodically. This sweating doesn't stop and I shower at least 4 times a day to try and cool off. I keep my house at 67 which makes the rest of the household freeze!

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Amber1414

19.5C seems perfect to me!!! I know what you mean though - my husband is one of those cold people too...

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jinasc in reply to Amber1414

You can try extract of sage and evening primrose oil, but before you try either, check them out with a pharmacist who knows exactly what else you are taking for compatibility. Do not reply of the health shop if buying from that outlet. Mind that goes for any OTC you might want to purchase.

It helped, but I still suffered so I bought towelling headbands for around the house and everything I wear is cotton. In bed, I kept a big bath towel beside the bed and if I woke up drenched, towel on top of sheet, and little towel on pillow case.

I went ot a friends and she had a tall tower fan with three settings and silent..............lovely last summer. Methinks a spending spree if the summer ever comes.

Be careful with showering so much, you will dry your skin out and pred helps to thin skin, invest in Double Base Gel or get GP to prescribe and dump soap and shower gel.

I feel for you.........

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Yes - she said helpfully! Unfortunately it can happen with PMR/GCA and it can happen with pred - and when you REALLY hit the jackpot, both. And, as jinasc says, if you are of a certain age/maturity then that can come out to play too.

However - I also find it is a sure-fire sign of being at too low a dose of pred if they get worse as I go down.

Anything over 15°C is terrible for me and has been for years. I have sweated through diabetes, menopause, PMR,and pred. Finally got rid of menopause but the rest remain episodically. A fan has been my best friend in bed through the night . A cool afternoon shower when possible in the summer. Last year someone recommended a scarf that you can put in the freezer and gel beads freeze. It doesn't drop apparently. Time for me to invest I think.

It was something like this scarf that was recommended as non drip....but here are others available in different sizes and colours. .


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Amber l too find hot weather really makes me sweat,it only has to be humid , even in the winter and l suddenly start getting really hot. I am over the menopause and down to 3mgs of prednisolone,so am not sure why this happens.l have been getting over hot today,just because it is milder outside.l never travel to really hot climates because of this problem,my family do not understand this.l am sorry l am unable to help you but hope that things improve for you as you reduce the preds.

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Amber1414 in reply to Grants148

Your situation sounds exactly the same as mine. It's the humidity that kills me in the winter as well. Thanks for sharing.

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