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Feeling very sorry for myself.


I have a very heavy cold. Just a cold but I feel so unwell and lousy.

This is Day 6 and I decided I needed to go to the Dr as my chest was singing as I expired. All night and all day. I really struggled last night with my CPAP mask. My need to see Dr was partly down to anxiety at consequences of reduce immunity and PMR.

I feel reassured that I have 'just a cold' and have been given an inhaler to help my breathing and a cough medicine to help me expectorate.

I am so annoyed as on the PMR front I feel like I have made progress. Down to the mythical 9mg and no symptoms breaking through. CBD oil seems to have softened the arthritic pain, so all in all, without this horrible cold I believe I'd be feeling quite well.

Thanks for listening :)

Sorry, no gratuitous photo of Thea....I've not had one for a while.

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Hi IdasMum, Sorry to hear you are poorly.... I'm a big proponent of allowing yourself to "feel sorry for yourself," every now and again! Just don't visit in that space for too long.

I'm glad the doc was able to alleviate your concerns and hopefully the treatments will help you to feel better soon.

Fingers crossed you'll feel better soon.


Rest, rest, and more rest. Sunshine if you can find a spot to stay warm. Tea with honey and lemon. Feel better!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to TooSore

What's sunshine? Rather a rare commodity down towards the Med at present!!!!

GOOD_GRIEF in reply to PMRpro

Chicken soup - sunshine in a bowl.

IdasMum in reply to PMRpro

We've had a beautifully warm, spring like day here. I believe we're due storms due to the warmer temps.


Well that isn't good enough - you need to file a complaint!!!

It's all very well saying "It's just a cold..." but on top of PMR+ it is a perfect storm. My lovely physio said this week SHE wasn't surprised I had been so bad with my back - I'd had a cold/flu but didn't class it as flu (I would have managed to pick up a 50 euro note had I had the opportunity ;-) ) But it really knocked me for six combined with the rest.

Get well soon...

Hidden in reply to PMRpro

I use the 100 quid more as my test for flu or cold Last flu you would have struggled to get me out of the house for a thousand.

Been having a few chills and blood sugar a few points high at every reading so some tHing bubbling under. No proper food because unexpected. Try to shop online but collect. No slots until Monday. Local store for cheap crap then.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Hidden

No internet shopping here - but a perfectly good supermarket in the village and a superb butcher and baker. No candlestickmaker - but a cobbler and luthier (makes stringed instruments).

Poor you Idasmum. How utterly miserable and frightening and lowering. You’ve been so brave about the mask and everything. Interesting about the CBD oil. You’ll get on track. Bad colds can give you a good old clear out. I often feel better after a cold. Wrap up, cosy warm and spoil yourself. I love seeing your photos of Thea. Keep them coming.

Hi IdasMum - Just to say I hope you feel MUCH better soon - anything else on top of what we already 'have' always seems insult to injury - so stay cosy and surely some small 'treats' to cheer you up !!

Best wishes


So sorry you’re unwell. Liquids, rest, good thoughts should help.

I am finishing a dreadful cold after 3 weeks. Seems PMR cold was way worse than any other. Those germy grandchildren kisses have consequences! Going to take my son and grandson out for brunch while his sister suffers from consakie. That’s a new one in my book! I’ll skip seeing her but refraining from kissing Ben and Jonah will be hard!

Soraya_PMR in reply to Sandy1947

Coxsackie virus?

Sandy1947 in reply to Soraya_PMR

Sounds ominous. It’s highly contagious so I’ll keep a distance between my son and grandson. The children are overly scheduled with classes and activities and everything spreads like crazy!

The lack of those germy kisses has a severe, detrimental effect on a grandmother’s morale though. Lucky you!

So sorry you've felt unwell. I think a cold isn't just a cold with PMR/GCA. I think too this year the colds have been more virulent- maybe a new strain? My " cold" was really nasty and I feel now after about 5 weeks that the congestion is nearly gone. Also played havoc with my GCA symptoms- taken nearly a year to get down to 16 mg from 20mg and had to bang back up to 18mg and still don't feel brilliant ( a bit of stinging in the temples) and did have earache but that seems much better. So take it easy and hopefully you'll get over this with no repercussions. Best wishes Jackie x

Can I just say this is the best site ever! Everyone’s so warm and supportive. I didn’t post and I don’t have a cold but I feel so much better just reading all your posts! Ever grateful.

Hollyseden in reply to PMR2011

You read my mind, I was thinking exactly that. What a nice group of people 😁

Wraysbury in reply to Hollyseden


Hi. What CBD oil do you use please

IdasMum in reply to Wraysbury


I use CBDbrothers Blue oil during the day and Purple paste before bed.

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