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A bit of humor.


We all know that blessings come in many ways, Shapes & forms, so I’m going to HOPEFULLY give everyone a laugh 😆. I have always been a rather stressful person shall we say & being I’m from America I’ve always LOVED American football, so when my fav. team loses I get REALLY, REALLY, REALLY upset lol just to give you an example, even though it’s been awhile I have busted a few TV’s over the years over losses. I also get to swearing pretty bad, losing control of my tongue lol & so over the years I became pretty bad in that way. I strongly believe in my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ & our Heavenly Father Jehovah so every time I’m bad I always ask God to forgive me even though that don’t make it ok of course. I have asked him for SOMETIME to help me control my anger & my tongue & I believe that since I could never quite learn to control it myself I was thinking the other day, after I learned that one KEY to getting PMR to go away is by controlling stress, is this. Maybe God gave me all the time he could take, finally threw up his arms & said OK I’ve had it waiting on you, I put the guilty feeling there long ago , giving you a conscience when you were saved @ the age of 8 so that when you are wrong you will make it right BUT since you can’t make this right, I’m gonna give you PMR so you WILL learn to control your stress. Guess what I’m doing much better @ controlling it ha ha. You know OUR God is a Loving God & you know if this story were true ( & who’s to say it’s not) then I am truly blessed & can’t thank him enough because My #1 goal in life here on earth is & has ALWAYS been to walk thru the gates of heaven when my time is done here & I sure want to have a CLEAN BILL OF MOUTH when I do lol. God IS GOOD....

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Bless you Larry. Maybe manage your stress and understand it is a better way of thinking about it though. We all know what happens to feelings that we push down.

Why am I having issues replying to Larry Leek. Any idea?

We all need to find the blessings in everything G-d gives us. There is never one reason we get PMR and surely we must learn life is out of our control. One thing is certain, slow and thoughtful (spoon allocation) is our new normal! My potty mouth has not improved! Glad yours is better.

A great story, LarryLeek - the Lord certainly let it happen, even if He didn't actually give it to you, and you seem to be feeling the joy that comes with knowing He's right there with you!

LarryLeek in reply to Hobbitses

You are absolutely correct 🙂


Thanks for the great story! Stress seems to be a thread that runs through all of us here.

Just curious if you still have a tv after the super bowl😂


Insight329 in reply to Hidden

Shucks, that made me laugh out loud and as I'm at work, they may now know that I'm playing on the computer as I'm eating my lunch.

LarryLeek in reply to Hidden

I do still have it lol, my team is the Dallas Cowboys & they didn’t make it, heck they didn’t even make the playoffs 😢

You and your stress/potty mouth. Me and my "I got it". Example: "Can I help you with ___ (fill in the blank)?" Me: "Nope, I got it."

I think the hardest thing that I'm going to have to learn is how to let people in to help. I'm a tad bit too independent for my own good. And I'm quite sure that's not going to be the last lesson I'm going to learn on this trip. (I was going to say 'only lesson' but I've already been required to learn others: slow down, reserve energy, take (more) naps, don't say 'yes' when you really mean 'no', question your doctor, sugar is not your friend (oh how I hated that lesson), etc.

P.S. Being from the States doesn't guarantee that one loves football. I turned on the Super Bowl only to watch the half-time show. Had a friend call me that it was half time, turned on the tv, watched Timberlake perform, and then turned it right back off. (HA...did you just swear?)

LarryLeek in reply to Insight329

lol since my team wasn’t in the SB this year I was perfectly calm thru the whole thing. But yea I realize everyone in the states don’t like American football, the reason for the statement was because the gist of the members here I BELIEVE are from the UK so I didn’t want them to think Soccer by just saying football & also few from the UK care for our brand of football so that’s why I mentioned that I was from the states, I didn’t mean to stereo type you Insight lol....

Shapes and forms made me laugh. I recognise that you were male from the beginning. No worries. We all have either boobs either male or female and we are going through this journey together on this forum. X

Sorry sent a long rEmlyn. Won't allow me to send it.

LarryLeek, thank you for the chuckle. I do believe that everything happens for a reason even though sometimes we just don't see it.

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