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Latest from my Dr

1. My lump is definitely result of steroids.

2. My bloods are normal and so I am to reduce from 25 to 20 for a month and then to 15 of Pred for a further month. Thereafter 2.5 reduction. In light of comments on tapering read here, I questioned this and raised my concern regarding possible future flare up, however Dr was very firm on this point.

3. No more blood tests and no more Dr appointments - just phone reviews and drop down all being well.

4. I've managed to lose 6llbs (combination of smaller amount of carbs and slimming world).

Well, let's see how it goes! Bring it on!

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Aye well - when you get to 10mg, be firmer about reducing more slowly - 1mg at a time is quite enough then.

Good luck!


Thank you, I appreciate the wisdom and sound advice - it is such a comfort.

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It might be easier to do the reductions in two lots of 2.5mg.

So either 22.5mg for first 2 weeks, 20mg for second 2 weeks -

or 22.5mg for 1 week and 20mg for 3 weeks rather than straight drop of 5mg. Then the same down to 15mg.

End result is what doctor wants, but maybe a little easier for you!


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