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Slight Flare Up after bad cold/virus

After Christmas I developed a very bad cold - might have been a virus. This cleared up 6 days ago but I was left with a 24 hour slight headache and shoulders, arms and back were sore again. From past experience I was pretty sure that this was a flare up so I raised pred 4 days ago from 18mg to 20mg. This has done the trick but I have a question.

After only 4 days on this relatively small pred increase can I now safely go back to 18mg and continue with my slow taper or, should I start my taper again and essentially set back the taper by 2 months.

I favour the first option as I can always go back up to 20mg again if symptoms return and then taper again from 20mg. I'd appreciate your advice.

P.S. Happy New Year to everyone who use this marvelous Forum.

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A cold IS a viral infection - they just all come in varying degrees of horribleness.

Yes, you can go straight back to the old dose after up to a week at a higher dose. But don't taper any further until you feel OK again.

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Thanks a lot - will do.


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