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Insomnia sufferers take heart

I don't know if insomniacs can really take comfort from this, considering the mental state of the "genius poets" but it does seem that insomnia and a certain type of creativity do go hand in hand.

This program is going to be broadcast on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation next Friday 9 pm ADT, so probably can be picked up worldwide one way or another, then or through the website later. You can listen while you wait to fall asleep 😉😴


Scientists still don't fully understand why and how insomnia strikes. But the beginnings of the answer may be found in the works of those who first wrestled with the disorder frankly and openly: the poets of England's Romantic era, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Their lyrical accounts of "anguish and agony," of the "unfathomable hell within," inspire PhD student Katie Hunt to tie together lines of poetry with scientific research on sleep... to reveal how our concept of insomnia evolved, and how the poems still have power to open our minds.


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Thanks (Dziękuję Ci, if you prefer!)


This looks interesting, and will make a change from the World Service. I've clicked through all the links and it works so I look forward to new voices in the night!

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