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Please read my condition and advise me

I am Patient of Ankylosing Spondolities (AS) since 1997, Primarily I treated from Orthopedics with pain management medication, along with physical therapy. I am under treatment of Rheumatologist form 2007. I am doing only cupping therapy and tens since long, also doing exercise. I am living with back and neck pain with neck and shoulder stiffness. Also my posture is little bend. The great problem is sleeping, during sleep I feel unbearable pain. Doctor said in October 2017 upon doing Digital X-ray, my condition is well. Now what can I do for my pain

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You might want to look at this is a life.com it is specifically by and for people with your painful condition. Just google it. Not sure how to do links on here, sorry.


Cupping and tens is not going to deal with the pain of AS - there are 5 biologic drugs which are approved for AS and they WILL help with the pain. Night time pain is typical of AS.

If you REALLY have AS then it isn't going to get better - it just deteriorates. I think you need to find a rheumatologist who knows what they are doing and who will use mainstream medicine to help you.

By the way - this forum isn't one for AS nor are there any doctors here.


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