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Plymouth /South West Meeting

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Following our social meeting in September, this group have invited Dr David Adams, Head of Optometry at the Royal Eye Infirmary, to talk about his work in this field, addressing the concerns of those with PMR and/or GCA. The meeting will be held at the William and Patricia Venton Centre, Astor Drive, Mount Gould at 2pm on Friday 8 December.

Refreshments will be available, including mince pies and cream. All welcome.

For further information please see the contact details for this group at

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Wish I could be there. I have numerous sight problems and am aware of various implications, either with PMR or with pred, but can find little in the way of firm information. Could you please report back on the meeting?

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PatM in reply to TheZohan

Sorry to hear that you have sight problems. If you would care to send me a private message with your email address then I will pass this onto the Plymouth Group so that they can respond directly to you.

I acutally run the Bath meet up group and have posted this message because the Plymouth group do not have anyone able to do this.



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TheZohan in reply to PatM

Thanks so much Pat.

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