Warning for NZ readers - especially Auckland area!


Was discussing upcoming trip to NZ last night with daughter, and she suggested, no insisted, we fly to Auckland whilst I'm there to have a 'look see' and maybe catch up with any PMRers!

After finishing call, she promptly booked flights! Don't know where she gets her impetuousness from I'm sure!

Anyway, we're flying in on Mon 18th Dec around 2.30pm, and out again Thurs 21st Dec 4pm, so if anyone would like to meet up somewhere I'm up for it.

Appreciate it's in the run up to Christmas, and you may have to travel a bit (but as daughter says most of you are used to that anyway!) so I thought if I gave you plenty of notice - you could think of an excuse to be doing something else!

If you want to message me with some details perhaps we can sort something out. Just go into my profile - message button is on right hand side of page - if you've not used it before.

Please don't give any private info on this open page.


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  • Gosh, your trip to New Zealand is getting close now! I hope you manage to meet up with a few PMRers. Love your new photo by the way! :-)

  • Thank you! Got to pay for the flights next week - ouch! But worth it 😊

  • Definitely worth it!

  • Being my old home city (tho long since living in OZ) think your daughter is on to it !! A delightful city - and so thoughtful of her and you to consider the 'PMR/GCA' crowd. I'd have been delighted to meet up with you DL - if I was in town - shame i'm not at this particular time. Anyway I hope you have a great trip to Aotearoa and some lovely time with your family

    Best wishes


  • When is your daughter impetuously booking a trip to NY or NJ?

  • What a great idea! Hope you get the chance to meet up with some folk. X

  • Hi DorsetLady, Are you coming to Sydney by any chance? I hope you have a great trip, very grateful for your posts and advice to us all. xDee

  • Hi Dee,

    No sorry, but I'll give you a wave as I go over!✈️

  • HaHaHa! As you fly over, I'll be the rotund one waving from near Cronulla Beach! lol

  • Hmmm, wonder if we can fit in a trip to Sydney Mother......!

  • Not this time!!!

  • Now I know I'm not DL - but I should be coming to near Sydney in May 2018 for a rheumatology conference in Terrigal...

  • Hi PMRpro, If you have time whilst there, it would be lovely to meet for coffee? I have an old friend who lives not too far from there, and I keep procrastinating about visiting, this may be a good opportunity? xDee

  • I don't know yet if I'll be allowed to go, I do hope so and patients usually get a few chances to participate. Last time I went a couple of days early so I had plenty of time to recover from jet lag - the meeting is continuous and hard work! I met a PMR friend in Vancouver before going on to the meeting and we had a great time together. I returned a few weeks later with my husband and we spent a week together - it just so happened we'd booked a holiday in Canada to coincide with a meeting in Chicago so don't worry - we won't do that to you!! ;-)

    So if I go early again meeting would be possible - though I won't have transport...

  • Sorry for late reply, but nursing sore face ... had some sutures (always seem to have something....hahaha!) You have such wonderful 'adventures' and so full of high spirits! I'll keep a look-out for any updates on your trip re meet-up. xDee

  • How thoughtful of you Dorestlady.

    I hope you have a wonderful time and are able to impart some words of wisdom to fellow sufferers.


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