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Sore Throat


Now I don't get sore throats but do have the odd cold or sinus infection. As I am on Pred and waiting for my hip operation I decided to panic in case it was an infection. They won't operate if you have a fungal nail infection let alone a streptococcus throat. This is Saturday had it three days and it was getting worse. I made an appointment at the Urgent Care Service at the hospital feeling guilty about really sick people needing the place. The Doctor was so reassuring exceptionally caring and thoughtful. He said I had done the right thing but it was only a virus. No meds required.

He was so nice his attitude almost cured my throat. I asked why when I am on so many drugs does my throat hurt? How can I get another pain on top of everything else? He explained what all my meds did and didn't check iOS watch once to shut me up and get the next person in. My faith in Doctors is renewed.

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Shame you can't keep him!!!

Estellemac in reply to PMRpro

Unfortunately kidnapping is illegal. I have a nice spare bedroom though😜

What a sweetheart! It makes all the difference, a real healer. I tell them when I'm lucky enough to get one of these Angels.

I did tell him it was a pleasure it was to see a Dr that listened smiled and took time to consider my concerns with such a trvial thing as a sore throat. Told him this was a better tonic than any medication. Thing is I can't remember his name But I will send a complimentary communication to the DRI website.

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