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another update

thanks to all who respond to my queries. I do find them helpful. The course of injections I am to have for the spinal fracture and to protect the bones from future breakages is called Teraparatide. Does anyone have experience of this ? In 2016 my spinal T-score of -2.5 and a Z score of -0.6. I wish I knew what it all means. By the way,it is repeated in the report that Strontium is being withdrawn from the market. (This in response to the kind person who queried whether this was a local decision)

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Yes - teraparatide is the substance name for the drug I asked you about - Forsteo. It is the same substance as a hormone the body produces anyway, parathyroid hormone.

It comes in a pen, similar to the epi-pen used for allergic reactions so is easy to use.

The t-score is how your bone density now relates to readings found for people in their 20s - a score of -1 or higher means it is the same, then it becomes a more negative figure when your bone density now is lower than a young person's. Down to -2.5 is called osteopenia, below -2.5 it is termed osteoporosis. Your reading was borderline - but the concern they have now is that you already have spinal fractures so they are offering you something that should prevent more.

The z-score is fairly meaningless - it compares your reading to others of the same age group.

There is a lot of information on the National Osteoporosis Society site


Thank you so much. You have been very helpful. I will read the info re osteoporosis with interest.


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