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down to 12.5mg pred,going to 10 mg

i have reduced from 40 mg of pred, since last oct, down to 12.5 now for last month, just had bloodwork done as per rheumy order, now says reduce to 10mg, ive never had inflammation markers show up to speak of, and overall, never had any withdrawal or flares, unless overdoing activity, however, last couple weeks, shoulders feeling sore and stiff again, to some degree, i sleep on my side, and just bought new bed and mattress about a couple weeks ago, it,s a memory foam, i don,t know , but seems shoulder problem coincides with timeline for changing mattress? or, just had some family stress come back in my life which has consumed my time and mental energy, not sure what has brought this shoulder issue back, and want to follow dr orders, reducing, can you have symptons return to some degree even though you have been doing well with reductions for the above reasons

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If you also have myofascial pain syndrome problems (common in parallel with PMR) changing your mattress can be enough to make your back muscles protest - it happens to me even when we go away with our camper van! Combine it with stress - recipe for problems!

I'd be wary of continuing to reduce at that rate - 2.5mg at a time is a lot now you are below 15mg and you might do better spreading the reduction a bit more.


thankyou PMRpro, but since dr ordered, i,ll try for few days, if it gets worse, i,ll contact her, telling her i,m going back up a bit, thanks for your input though,


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