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Sometimes PMR is not to blame

Hi everyone

I want to say thanks to everyone who

posts I really enjoy everyone's advice and updates. I am pleased to say after advice and encouragement I am now down to 10mgs of steroids from 15 in February.

I had had shoulder pain which had never gone away and so had a physio session this week which was the best I have every had. I had been using my shoulder stiffness as an indicator on terms of reducing medication etc. But it turns out the shoulder issue is mostly related to a long standing scoliosis that I have! So now have a series of exercises to address that one! I have never been so happy to have a diagnosis which told me I had something else wrong. But basically physio can help that problem and I can continue on the steroid reduction plan!

Have bought a fold up bike as a result of what I deem a positive diagnosis, to go with my picnic back pack which I still haven't used! I may not get on it but psychologically it makes me feel better! I have something to aim for!

I am obviously having a positive period so just trying to give those who are having an awful time right now some sense that things do go up as well as down:)

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Good - strange isn't it to feel a different diagnosis is a positive thing but I prefer any pains to be something other than the PMR!

When you get on that bike - start small! Don't go off for a long ride on the first day. I tried a bike ride - only went a mile or so and my legs were like jelly when I got home!!! Took days to recover...

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It's still in the box at present and so planning to build it later. I bought a fold up one so I can get collected if necessary! Will take your advice and let you know when I eventually take that and the picnic backpack out for their first run:)


Julie, I like you being positive and having a Plan B too. I too have something else going on which makes me feel good that it's not 'just' PMR or maybe not PMR at all. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, even if we don't understand everything. I really don't want PMR thank you!


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